5 January 2018

Today, Social Media should be the natural habitat of the company


Lasse Rouhiainen analyzes the present of Video Marketing, the digital communication tool that has all the ingredients to become the star of online marketing in the very near future. Visionary and interactive, during the interview, X-Ray also emphasizes Social Media Marketing as the key to improving the online presence of companies.

Passionate about new technologies and the Internet, this Finn living in Alicante has managed to stand in one of the positions of honor among specialists in marketing in social networks and Video Marketing. During its beginnings back in 2001, Lasse Rouhiainen comments in a recent interview for the search engine positioning agency Webpositerwho found inspiration in online marketing greats such as Corey Rudl, “one of the first who started to include videos on his website and in his marketing strategy”.

2007 was the year in which Rouhiainen started uploading his first videos on YouTube.com, a platform that then took its first steps. Performing “tests and learning to optimize search results”, his first online courses on Video Marketing came to light at the end of 2007, the beginning of a career dedicated to advice and dissemination of an essential online communication technique.

The importance of Social Media Marketing for the web promotion of a company

Far from treating the pages in social networks as a mere “bulletin board”, Lasse Rouhiainen argues that Social Media Marketing stands as an excellent tool to improve the online presence of any company, given the “wide range of possibilities and platforms where You can publish value-added content for the user. ” The interactivity between the company and its client increases, leaving the user to speak, participate and share their opinions with a more humane, close and transparent company. Due to its relevance, Lasse recommends integrating a “strategic Social Media plan within the structure of the company”, while listing the key points to obtain the maximum profitability of that presence. The identification of the appropriate platforms to reach the target audience,

Lasse Rouhiainen , experienced consultant, speaker and teacher on Video Marketing and tools 2.0, points out some of the most common mistakes made by companies when launching a Social Media plan. Among them, encourages reflection and study in detail the characteristics of the target of the company because “the more identified we have the target audience, the easier and simpler will be to generate suitable content for them”.

Today, Social Media should be the natural habitat of the company because it “helps improve your online reputation for the Network and consumers,” as well as to know the customer. All this makes it possible for the company to offer its public what it needs, achieving loyalty and loyalty. To identify their needs, Lasse proposes conducting surveys of diverse topics.

Video Marketing, what is the secret of your success?

Distinguished as one of the pioneers in the application of video for the promotion of the company on the Internet, Rouhiainen praises in its numerous conferences, seminars, courses and online materials the potential that Video Marketing offers on YouTube.

The effectiveness of the video is superior to that of other media, being the “closest and most human format that also improves the credibility and confidence of companies towards consumers”. The transmission of a video message offers “a unique and relevant content”. Moreover, the data provided by Rouhiainen reveal that more than 80% of Internet users choose to watch video content for its interactivity and, especially important, “because the information that is transmitted is the one that most resembles the reality that after you will find the users. ”

Planning, recording and promotion are the 3 essential steps to execute a marketing plan with effective and professional videos. Lasse suggests, in the first place, to determine the product or service to be promoted, to identify the recipient of the message and to establish objectives. Next, a “5 to 10 videos” plan should be developed, making a publication schedule and setting the platforms where the content will be shared.

In addition to the choice of a camera that records in high definition – “to obtain a more professional result” -, it is essential to previously study the message you want to transmit in order to be shown to the camera with security and decision. Lasse Rouhiainen advises to share this video content not only on YouTube.com but also on Facebook, Google Places, blogs or corporate pages, which “will help to create greater visibility and presence of the videos”.

Depending on the company’s objectives, all types of videos can be made. Lasse proposes three essential themes: the presentation of the product or service and the company’s employees, video tutorials that inform the client about the uses and advantages of that product and the “storytelling” videos in which the company’s history is captured achieving an emotional bond with the target audience by “letting them participate in the story”.

In the combination of Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing is “the great opportunity of SMEs to reach more public”, something unthinkable with other actions. Likewise, a correct YouTube Marketing strategy requires a good knowledge of SEO techniques. In fact, according to Rouhiainen, “YouTube videos can be positioned efficiently in the first results of the first page of Google”, hence the importance of SEO optimization to improve the visibility of these contents.

During the interview, Lasse talks about a future where “the image will prevail over the text”. Moreover, it puts the accent on the relevance that mobile devices will have within the next marketing strategies given that statistics show that “70% of smartphone users in Spain access the Internet through their devices”. The adaptation of the company to this new reality will make it easier for customers to access content of interest wherever they are, video being the dominant format.

About Lasse Rouhiainen

Born in Finland but settled in Alicante, Lasse Rouhiainen (1979) holds a degree in Marketing and International Trade from the University of Applied Sciences of Haaga Helia (Helsinki, Finland). Always professionally linked to the Internet and new technologies, since its inception began to follow the names of Internet Marketing and to see that in the video was the star format to effectively promote a company in the Network of Networks.

His work and passion for spreading the universe that surrounds Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing have led Lasse Rouhiainen to be an essential figure in presentations and conferences with the Social Web 2.0 as the protagonist. Essential among professionals in the Spanish-speaking sector, his contribution to this discipline has led him to participate in the Marketer’s Cruise, the appointment that every year brings together renowned Online Marketing experts such as Gideon Shalwick, David Frey and Joel Paterson.

Of obligatory reference are its web www.promocionweb20.com and its Youtube.com channel where, through online courses and didactic material, it helps to obtain the maximum profitability of the presence in social networks of companies and make their contents more effective in video

In addition to advising companies and contributing to the dissemination of the 2.0 tools, Lasse has been professor of courses related to Internet marketing for professionals in the tourism sector in the CanalTur project within Plan Avanza promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism from Spain. He is a collaborator of the Official Master’s Degree in Strategic Management of Tourism Companies taught by the CETT University Hospitality and Tourism School of the University of Barcelona.

Coauthor of the book The Web of Enterprise 2.0: Practical Guide to Attract Visitors and Get Customers published by Global Marketing Strategies in 2010, in a few weeks you will see the light of your new book in Spanish and English entitled Smart Social Mediawith Amazon. This new editorial foray details how to be a successful Social Media Manager, while offering advice for SMEs to obtain the maximum potential in their actions in social networks and Video Marketing.