2 January 2020

Top tips to stay warm this winter


Being warm makes winter a lot more pleasant, and there are lots of simple things you can do to keep draughts and chills at bay. Plus, you could save money too.

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Keep warm air in

When you’re at home, try drawing the curtains to reduce heating bills and stop heated air going straight out the window. Get draught excluders that also stop draughts, and make sure any openings around windows and doors are dealt with to stop cold air coming in. Big rugs will also take the chill off the floor. If you are cooking food in the oven, try opening the door once the cooking is done, so all that lovely warmth inside the appliance can flow into the kitchen

Installing a smart system that keeps the temperature stable can also save money on energy bills and can mean your home is never cold. For more ideas on how smart systems work, see this report in The Guardian.

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Service your heating system

Bleeding radiators so that they are working efficiently is a good idea in the colder months. Insulating your pipes by wrapping them in foam will help preserve the heat that they generate. Putting tin foil behind radiators is another good trick to help bounce the heat they generate into the room, rather than let it go through the wall.

It is a good idea to keep your heating responsive by making sure it comes on at least once a day. While you’re looking at your central heating, it could be a good idea to get your boiler looked at by an expert. Boilers should operate at one bar of pressure, and if yours is not, it may need to be tuned up by a gas safe engineer.

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There are lots of small, easy things you can do to stay warmer during winter. However, when it comes to complex equipment, such as a boiler, it is always best to call an expert if you have any issues with how it is working.