1 July 2018

Traditional advertising agencies face new professionals in the digital era


According to an annual study of marketing managers worldwide, traditional advertising agencies risk being displaced by a generation of professionals in the field of digital marketing with extensive knowledge in different disciplines and strategies such as online advertising, viral marketing or marketing. mobile.

The study developed by CMO Council, an association of marketing professionals and leaders whose members control more than 150,000 billion dollars in annual marketing budgets worldwide, discovers that executives and heads of Marketing divisions intend to start be less dependent on external organizations, that is, transfer the previously delegated functions to traditional advertising agencies to entrust these to internal departments and professionals.

In this sense, 59% of Marketing managers choose to train and develop their current staff, while 40% will add or expand support on digital marketing agencies. 36% will hire new professional talents within their organizations.

Regarding the allocation of spending for different marketing and advertising actions and strategies, 65% of professionals acknowledged that they were evaluating investments in new social media and online communities, while 44% answered that they would increase their investment in the Internet channels and means of communication and mobile marketing actions.

All this evidently demonstrates that many companies intend to consolidate their internal structures, strengthening new divisions professionally prepared for the new digital era and the development of online marketing and advertising strategies, especially at a time when Internet advertising is about to experience the start of a large growth forecast for the next three years and according to ZenithOptimedia data for this year, your total investment will increase to 62.6 billion dollars.