3 January 2020

Try these productivity apps for a better day


Productivity means different things to different people. Working smarter, project managing, automating aspects of your life – it all depends on your circumstances.

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Productivity software continues to expand beyond business applications and overlaps with self-help apps. Broadly speaking, productivity apps make your tasks more efficient, cheaper, and easier to complete.

Productivity apps for the workplace dictate the way we sync and share data and moderate our online behaviour. Beyond business, the sky is the limit when it comes to making the most of your time and meeting goals.

Below are some of the most useful productivity apps:


Asana is a tool for communication and collaboration. It helps teams to project manage and handles ongoing work.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging platform for offices and is integrated with Office 365. Video and audio calling options slim down in-person meetings.

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Podio is a customisable work management platform. You can add apps to its hub, such as invoicing or those for designing an online workspace.


A messaging platform for teams, Slack facilitates discussions across collaborators. It boasts great search functionality and can integrate with other services and apps.


Wrike offers flexible solutions for small enterprises to get you up and running quickly. Integration with other services and apps is straightforward.

You might want to transpose PDF to Excel, which is why you will find resources online to change PDF to Excel, HTML, CSV and other formats.

TechRadar has more insights into productivity apps.

AABBY Fine Reader

For optical character recognition (OCR) assistance, choose ABBYY FineReader. This lets you fine-tune results almost immediately instead of waiting for a whole document. Feedback on earlier pages is possible.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google’s suite of online apps lets you create and edit text documents, presentations and spreadsheets, and two or more workers can edit at once. The suite also has a file-syncing service for work offline.


Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checker that works across the web, suggesting style changes based on writing genres.


Lucidchart lets you create diagrams for educational, business or personal use. It supports collaborative editing and supplies a vast template gallery.

SmartDraw Cloud

SmartDraw Cloud allows you to make professional-quality diagrams and has a comprehensive selection of templates to meet all your needs.