20 August 2019

Vending machines and new technology


In hospitals in days gone by, vending machines were a last resort and the place to grab a quick snack if the canteen or tearoom wasn’t open. They certainly were not the favoured option; instead, they simply filled a gap in the most rudimentary way.

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In addition to vending machines offering a limited selection of products, they often broke down and were expensive to maintain and stock. Now, however, technology is changing the way we think of vending machine and may well give them a new lease of life.

As technology has advanced, so too have the ways we see existing products and services. Vending machines have become useful in a number of different sectors including accessories for the bathroom from a Washroom Services Gloucestershire company like simple hygiene solutions; however, the vending machine remains most prolific in hospitals and it is here that tech is having the largest influence.

Smart machines for the future

To make vending machines more attractive to consumers, they are now being equipped with interactive touchscreens that can also play adverts continuously or on an intermittent basis. Vending machines are no longer viewed simply as functional but also as fun. By adding touchscreens and interactive displays, they are far more attractive and instantly appealing to the people who use them.

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Ease of use improved

Technology is also being used to ensure that vending machines are more user-friendly, especially in an environment such as a hospital. Visitors, patients and staff are readily able to buy credits using a credit or debit card. These can be redeemed at a machine, thus reducing the need for cash.

Biometric scanners are also being used in some vending machines. These can be linked to an account, enabling an individual to scan their finger and have credits deducted for every purchase.

One of the biggest issues with vending machines of the past was that they often ran out of stock. New machines make use of stock control monitoring software, with products that are running low automatically ordered from the supplier.

Technology and cutting-edge design features have also been blended to ensure that vending machines look good and are easy to use. The clunky, mechanical machines that were the order of the day are long gone; in their place are automated, sleek and slick machines.