7 September 2017

What are the brands and sectors with the highest Share of Noise and Engagement?


The period of analysis of the share of noise has been an annual retrospective from June 2011 to July 2012. This is evidenced by a new study developed by Epsilon Technologies, through which the share of noise and engagement of 85 brands and companies or with activity in our country, of more than 17 professional sectors.

What are the brands and sectors with the highest Share of Noise and EngagementWe have been surprised by the great difference that exists between the brands that generate greater digital noise vs those that generate higher levels of engagement. The brands with the greatest share of noise digital refer to technological products, banking (negative) and motoring, while those that generate greater engagement with the user belong to sectors and products with high added value / perceived as luxury products, motoring, hotels, transport.

These sectors generate a greater level of involvement on the part of the users since the decision process of buying a luxury product, a car or a hotel is high and complex, so the user looks for more qualitative information in social networks.

Among the leading brands, Apple leads the ranking of brands with the largest Share of Noise, surpassing brands such as Samsumg, Coca-Cola or BMW, while Rolex is positioned at the top of the highest-level brands of engagement ahead of companies such as ING Direct.

The following infographic shows us in greater detail this analysis where also highlights some of the trends followed by these marks and used to develop a successful communication.