2 March 2017

What are the fundamental axes that mark the success of every online community?


It is called an online or virtual community to that community whose links, interactions and relationships take place, not in a physical space but in a virtual space such as the Internet. In general, these types of spaces bring together groups of people or groups that wish to interact to meet their needs or carry out specific roles and share a specific purpose that constitutes of the community itself.

The success and proliferation of an online community, whatever its nature, as well as its coherence, continuity and development are based on 4 fundamental axes.

What are the fundamental axes that mark the success of every online communityCONTENTS: CREATION OR CONTRIBUTION

The contents that are shared in the community are the basis of its thematic axis, the interest that awakens that community, its topic of conversation, its bond of union.

If the contents are neglected and away from the common interest, by their lack of interest, their lack of quality … the community disintegrates.

Both the generation of original contents and the promotion of content by members of the community creates a thread of union and communication that gives meaning to the existence of that community.


  • The members of a community have to relate to enrich it with the participation of each one.
  • Generating the right environment for participation through comments, recommendations, contribution of content etc is the identity of this world 2.0
  • Without conversation, without participation we go back to the web philosophy 1.0
  • With the participation of the members of a community we can get to know more about them, what and how they are interested for example, the presentation of the contents, what they need and how we can satisfy their needs.


The dissemination of the contents of a community, when they are of quality, of interest and faithful to the objective of the community: they are shared, spread by the members and thus the community expands, along with an effective and sharp search of new members who In turn share these same interests.


So important is the search for new members for our community, such as maintaining existing ones. If we fulfill the expectations we have generated and are faithful to “our common cause,” relationships of trust are established and we will become a reference point to find affinities between members, information about our interest and will create a cohesive and participatory community that will attract To new users and facilitate their integration.

If we are responsible for a community we must carry out all these tasks in a responsible and continuous way so that the quality of the contents, the cohesion of the members and the fostering of interactions are maintained.