14 September 2017

What are the main concerns of Digital Managers?


Its profile is increasingly demanded among large companies, due to the complexity and diversity of challenges and objectives established through online strategies, and its role is focused on planning and optimizing resources to generate traffic and boost the digital presence of the company itself or brand in the online media, as well as assuming the responsibility to follow the campaigns launched. But what are the main concerns of Digital Managers?

What are the main concerns of Digital ManagersThe consultant Epsilon Technologies, specialized in increasing the performance of the brands through Social Media, has carried out throughout this last year a study among many Digital Managers with the aim of detecting the 8 concerns and concerns with which  face daily in Social Media.

  1. The main concern of this group is how to justify investments in Social Media to its General Directorate? And to know which are the most effective KPIs.
  2. The next aspect closely linked to the previous one, focuses on the difficulty to involve the traditional Marketing teams in the matter of Social Media.
  3. Digital Managers are concerned about the effectiveness of bloggers campaigns as well as the role that opinion leaders play in this environment. They wonder if the opinions of these prescribers generate a true differentiation or only help the SEO.
  4. Digital Managers spend a great deal of time analyzing and managing large volumes of information . What services can simplify these tasks? SAIO is an example of a solution that allows the optimization of the resources and time spent by Digital Managers to Social Analytics.
  5. In this paradigm shift where consumers are the protagonists, Digital Managers wonder What types of Insights can we most draw ? Undoubtedly Social Media should be seen as a new source of innovation. (link to SAIO)
  6. Many of them consider whether it is more efficient to have an Internal or External Community Management team , what is the formula for success?
  7. They are interested in knowing what the keys will be about Co-creation – What Formulas and tactics that work to involve the user?
  8. How to optimize the processes of generation of editorial contents that “hook ” with the community and Which process of analysis should be carried out / procedure?