10 July 2019

What do PR agents do?


PR agencies are a little different to advertising agencies as they promote companies or people through editorial coverage. This is known as “free” or “free” media – stories appear on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs – compared to advertisements that are paid for.

Both PR and advertising do share common goals, however: promoting businesses or individuals and helping to look as successful, relevant, important, interesting and exciting as possible. But the way to create awareness is very different. Most people understand that advertising is paid for by clients and must be viewed with skepticism. TV articles or appearances in respected publications have the benefit of reaching a far wider audience and having greater validation.

“Anticipating, analysing and making sense of current public opinion, views and issues that might have an impact, positive or negative on a business’ plans and operations. For help with all areas of PR for your business, consider a Cheltenham PR Agency, visit https://www.targetgroup.co.uk/

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Counselling management at all levels in the organization is related to policy decisions, actions and communications, taking into account their public consequences and organizational social responsibility or citizenship.

Research, implement and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, action and communication programs to achieve the informed public understanding needed for the success of organizational goals. This might include marketing; finance; fundraising; employee, community or government relations; and other programs.

Plan and implement organizational efforts to influence or change public policy. Setting goals, organising, budgeting, hiring and educating staff, expanding facilities – in brief, organising the resources needed to do the actions listed above.

How do they do all of the above:

That’s a good overview of the general functions of PR agencies. This tactic includes some or all of the following:

Write and distribute press releases

Write a speech

Write tones (less formal than press releases) about the company and send them directly to reporters

Create and carry out special events designed for connecting with the public and relations with the media

Participate in market research on companies or company messages

Expansion of business contacts through private networks or attendance and sponsorship at events

Copy posts and blogs for the internet

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A strategy for the management of crises

Promotion and social media responses to potentially damaging online opinions

Companies and individuals must hire PR agents when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputation through the media. Public relations agencies or practitioners who can analyse the organization, find positive messages, and translate the message into positive media news. When the news is bad, an agency can formulate the best response and reduce damage.