22 September 2020

What is a domain name generator?

By ruiiid5

Choosing and purchasing the name for your website is a vital step in creating your new website. A name generator is an online service which finds options for names to use for your website. It’s a good idea to have a website name which includes your business name or reflects your branding.

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A domain can only be used by a single website, so if your preferred option is taken, you will have to think of something else. This is where a name generator can help, by showing you which website names are available, and how to purchase them.

The search process

The search is carried out using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and requires you to enter a couple of key words that reflect your website or business. If you want to include your business name (definitely a smart move if you can find a domain that incorporates it), you should include this as one of your key words. Some generators will also ask you to specify the type of business that you have, too, for example, if you run a creative, or financial company. These will be fed into the AI algorithms in order to find the kind of available names that should best reflect your brand. Good name generators will bring up options that fall under different categories such as ‘fun’, ‘traditional’ or based on rhymes of your keywords.

Once you have found a name that you like, many name generators will enable you to purchase it from their site with a few clicks, making it a very convenient and time-efficient process. If you want to add email capabilities using your domain, it’s worth investigating whether you can purchase your website’s name along with web hosting from the same company as it will be cheaper and simpler to maintain than transferring your domain name across later. You can explore your options at sites such as names.co.uk.

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Get the most from your name generator

Whilst it’s best to include your business name if available, there are a few other important tips when using a domain generator. Make sure that your website name is as short as possible, easy to pronounce, and avoid hyphens. Try to include a keyword, but be careful not to infringe on any other organisation’s copyright. Finally, try to choose a website name that ends in co.uk or .com, as these look most professional.