1 December 2017

What to learn from offline to succeed in social networks


Many of the problems that companies are finding when they start Social Networks, comes from the same drag problems from offline.

One of the main problems is that internally they have not structured a fundamental area when carrying out actions of Digital Marketing, Communication, and they forget that Social Networks constitute powerful channels of communication and that they have to be treated as such.

Therefore, the person who is going to be responsible for the management of these channels, should be trained not only in Digital Marketing, but also in basic notions of traditional communication, to help structure the messages that will be published in networks social networks, and to maintain a listening attitude in these channels.

Listening is one of the most important parts, and for this we must learn to eliminate interferences, assigned prejudices, identify the contextual sense in which the conversation takes place and use the confirmation questions to make sure we have understood the message clearly, only in this way we can offer a satisfactory response to our followers.

Do not forget that among functions that I consider basic in a Community Manager are the Eschucha, Inform internally and explain the position of the organization when this is necessary. In order to perform these functions effectively, it will be necessary to control fundamental aspects of communication in some way.

Therefore, before a company plans to start its journey in Social Networks, you must make an analysis of what is your situation in the offline, and based on it, plan your online presence, without hurry, and covering basic needs first from offline.

Many organizations fall into the error of opening profiles on all social networks, without having an online headquarters to direct their followers, I mean the corporate website of the organization.

You can never structure a good online presence if we lack the essential, and have profiles in social networks without having a website, is the same as advertised in traditional media without having a physical place to take our customers.

Also, there are organizations that have difficulties identifying their market niche, or having problems with the image that their brand transmits offline. All these aspects have to be overcome before starting Digital Marketing strategies, otherwise, no matter how good the strategy, there will be many possibilities that good results will not be obtained. In everything, as always, you have to start at the beginning.