26 October 2017

Why are the ‘super users’ of Facebook important?


If there is a social network in which companies and brands focus all their efforts to achieve greater visibility and reach more customers, that is Facebook, something totally logical if we think that there are already more than nine hundred million people who have a profile registered in the social network directed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Why are the 'super users' of Facebook importantFor brands it is important that customers, or rather, users in general interact with them, because this activity generates little by little an engagement that can be highly beneficial for them, which is why super users are a very good asset. coveted for any brand that boasts.

According to a study conducted by Pew Research, the average user of Facebook receives more comments, messages and “likes” than it usually generates or contributes, because each one has contacts that are more than linked and linked by some of the activities they perform on the Zuckerberg platform, the so-called superusers, which are essentially invisible conductors of most of the activity on the page.

Generally, the percentage of users that make up this group of super users is between 20 and 30%, and they are very important for any brand because they are very active and participate a lot in the activities that are carried out on Facebook, such as , send friend requests, tag friends in photos, comment on others’ posts, give “likes”, send private messages or post many updates.

The super users tend to be experts in some of the activities mentioned above, specializing in some of them, we could say.

Thus, 43% of these users specialize in one activity, 11% in two activities, 9% actively participate in three and the remaining 5% are super users in each and every one of the activities that can be carried out in Facebook.

According to this study, Facebook’s average users get more requests for friendship, likes and private messages from those they send because these superusers are the ones that send them.

Regarding friend requests, 19% of users send them once a week. These are the super users, while 63% of respondents say they receive an application once a week every week. Likewise, the super users make an average of 14 “likes” a week, while the average of receiving them is 20 users a week.

35% of users are tagged in images, but only 12% of Facebook users label others, with respect to messages, 27% of power users send a personal message at least once a week, compared to 59% of average users who receive a personal message once a month.

The super user is a vital means to connect with customers through social media, as they have the ability to change the perception and influence other users. It supposes a messaging to measure for the fans of Facebook that comment and participate more and that, as well, diffuse our message.

To achieve success, it is necessary to involve them creatively.

In a multimedia world, simply asking users to share content is not enough. Advanced users, above all, tend to be social and technological connoisseurs, so you have to get to them in other ways, for example, create photo contests for born labellers.

Rewarding them can be a good option, since they have the potential to drive traffic to our website. We can not see them as mere clients, but, as a great help, and, therefore, we must give them in exchange for their? Help? Something that you find interesting.