23 January 2020

Why Background Music Matters Makes a Difference in Business


If you’re a fan of Disney movies, you may already be familiar with the message of working while music plays in the background. The seven dwarves whistled while they worked, and Cinderella’s rodent friends sang merrily as they created her dress. It’s the joyous music which makes the toil bearable. It makes sense to use background music in your business environment to increase staff productivity and energise your customers while they visit your premises.

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The Stats Behind Music and Shopping

It’s thought that music plays into one of the age-old elements of creating a successful retail experience – adding value. A study of American shoppers found that 84% of them preferred the shopping experience when background music was played. This trend is also seen in other countries surveyed, with 94% of Chinese purchasers preferring music when shopping.

Those who shop with music playing are 24% more likely to purchase a product if music they enjoy is played. So choosing popular music for business environments is key. But did you know the right piece of music can also enhance your brand?

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Enhancing Your Brand Through Music

Christmas retail adverts are dominated by John Lewis and Marks and Spencer. They cater towards the ABC1 demographic with disposable income and a penchant for quality products. Market research shows that they are nostalgic, wanting to purchase items for their children that remind them of days gone by. It makes sense, then, to use music which reminds customers of their youth. In 2018, John Lewis opted for music of 70s star Elton John with a narrative of his childhood. The store reported sales increases of 11.1% following advert launch. By understanding their brand and carefully selecting this music for business peak times, it’s fair to say the Christmas campaign was a huge success.

Getting Help with Music

There are design and marketing businesses that can help you choose the right music for your store as well as those that can incorporate music into an Immersive Experience which can also include projections, scenography and creative lighting displays.

Visiting a design and marketing business should not be overlooked. It’s their job to create content which ensnares all senses to further develop brand awareness. They’re experts in branding, social media and visual content, taking over the difficult task of getting your business recognised and keeping it in the minds of potential consumers.