24 May 2017

Why chemical-free cleaning is taking over the commercial sector


We all strive to produce a clean environment to protect biodiversity and ecosystems upon which life on earth depends; therefore, eco-friendly cleaning products should preserve human health and environmental quality.

Why chemical-free cleaning is taking over the commercial sector

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Health issues

Conventional cleaning products contain severe toxic chemicals and may be harmful to the environment and cause health issues for the person using them. A number of cleaning companies have noted that employees report rashes, occasional respiratory problems and headaches and a government health agency has stated that some cleaning chemicals can give off dangerous gases that cause headaches, dizziness, wheezing and even lung damage.


In the US, companies are working on a new technology using a salt-based, chemical-free process, whereby water passes through the system giving an electric charge. The solution cleans and sanitises the area, leaving it 99 per cent germ-free. A number of the world’s largest commercial facilities are switching to technologies that use steam vapour and spray and vac systems using pressurised water, using electricity to turn the water into a cleaning agent. Microfibre wipes and mops are also very popular.

Why chemical-free cleaning is taking over the commercial sector2

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Commercial cleaning in Belfast and across the world is big business. Employers want a happy workforce and using eco-friendly products can achieve this. There are lots of cleaning companies available if you browse the web using a search term such as ‘commercial cleaning in Belfast’ so check which products are being used before you hire one.


Eco-friendly products are ones that do not harm the earth or environment. They are sustainable products that provide benefits economically, socially and environmentally while preserving public health. From the extraction of the raw materials to production, consumption and disposal, the products are environmentally safe.


Conventional household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates, perchloroethylene, ammonia and chlorine, whereas green products contain baking soda, beeswax, vinegar and olive oil and are labelled ‘no phosphates or solvents’. Just reading the list of green products gives you confidence, as we know what all these products are. We do not know what ingredients are in the chemicals and how they can affect us.

We all strive for good health for ourselves and our families and hope to live in a world that is safe and sustainable for a long time to come. Chemical-free cleaning is one step in the right direction.