6 August 2019

Why in store music is so important


Have you ever been in a quiet shop – without music playing in the background? What is your impression? If you are like most people, you might feel uncomfortable, and after looking around a bit, you leave immediately, to a store which feels friendlier. However, have you ever left the store because the music was too annoying, loud or not your cup of tea? Music is a major, if underestimated, element in a store’s retail strategy: The correct style of music has the capacity to put people in an optimal mood for shopping, establish brand image, attract customers, and increase sales and income opportunities.

Here are some good reasons why playing the right music will benefit your retail business:

  1. Establish and differentiate your brand

Are you relaxed, relaxed brand? Do you run a family-friendly shop with a warm atmosphere? Are you nervous, excited and energetic? Tempo, loudness, the style of music you choose can help express your brand’s unique personality to customers, even before they come through your door. Music is a very effective signal for brand image so that it is often enough to hear notes flowing out of the store that realize brand and product personality. For help in choosing your Music for business, visit https://moodmedia.co.uk/sound-solutions

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  1. Build the right atmosphere

With increasing competition from online shopping, the standard of the shopping experience has become one of the main ways in which physical stores can stand out. Music plays a large role in setting up and improving the shopping experience, to the extent that four fifths of small retailers think that they will damage their store atmosphere if they stop playing music. Research shows that the music you play not only affects the store environment, but also the mood and feelings of the buyer. By changing the tempo and style of background music, retailers can make changes that are seen in the atmosphere.

  1. Create a private space

By covering sounds and conversation, in store music can create a feeling of personal space for customers, gives them privacy while walking around the store, searches for products, and comments to friends or family.

  1. Adjust the speed of the buyer

Studies show that the speed, rhythm, and volume of music in the store affect the flow of customers through the store. When quiet music is played, people tend to amble the aisles slowly; however, if loud and energetic songs are played, people tend to speed up their pace through the store. Interestingly, the customer flow rate does not seem to affect sales.

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  1. Shorten the waiting time

Music can influence people’s perceptions of time. Long queues will feel shorter if there is good music playing in the background. This is the same principle behind the melody that is played when a telephone caller is placed in a queue.

  1. Encourage people to shop

Research shows that music can influence what buyers choose and how much they buy. A study revealed that people are more inclined to spend more on buying impulse goods when pleasant music is played. The effect is present even when people do not pay attention to the music played in the store, indicating that music has an unconscious (but very real!) effect on shopping habits.