1 June 2018

Will the recession change the industry model?


In recent history, the recession has generated a challenge in our way of thinking. Information technology, new social networks, and advances in everything remind us that many of the great inventions of the last century came out of recession and war.

In the last decades the marketing industry in general has had few changes since the sixties, others have radically changed the last 3 years. It has seen a break and loss of effectiveness and profitability in the mass media, the approach to the customer at the point of sale, the scope of the physical role, and a long etc …

Marketing managers are under the obligation to understand digital technology and all the possibilities offered by smart phone technology, the web, the outernet, and other long etc …

There is no doubt that we will see the change. There are already many reports that agree that we will need products in the next 6 years that have not yet been invented … and less realized the marketing plan!

Companies shrink and marketing departments are getting smaller, tighter and with less money to invest and need to be more efficient.

We will also see many failures, and many risky ideas because I do not know what adjective to use; read today with astonishment the news that Toy “R” Us will sell in more than half of its stores of Consumer Goods, the president of the company alleges “this strategy is part of the effort to make the shopping experience easier for the consumer ” They will register about 1,300 references that “help busy parents to find everything they need for their children in the same store”, said in a statement Jerry Storch, president of the company, by the same rule, no wonder that next week, read that in the renowned hairdressers start selling mobile phones and electronics while they dry you wash and dry your hair.

In our industry we will see the creation of agencies that merge marketing, creativity, technology and psychology. These are very different from the agencies that currently exist, without advertising, I make special mention of the mission, vision and rapport with the clients. for the current ones?

These new services will give value to creativity with added value to the environment and to society in general (that is, whether or not you are a client of what they are offering). The recession will give entry to the need for marketing professionals and professionals committed even more to a place of inspiration called Earth. The commitment is served, as I mentioned in a previous article, the Kyosei Marketing is increasingly present in companies, because consumers have long since …