30 April 2018

Worldwide spending on online advertising will increase by 12 percent


According to the report developed by eMarketer, global spending on online advertising is expected to increase by 12 percent during this same year 2018, reaching 61.8 billion dollars, continuing the steady upward trend of recent months.

The data offered by eMarketer is similar to the estimates made by IPG Media Brands, which likewise estimated that investment in online advertising on the Internet would grow by 12.4 percent worldwide during this same year.

Forecasts for the next few years indicate that worldwide advertising spending would experience a significant jump reaching 96.8 billion dollars for 2019, with a year-on-year growth rate of 11.9% despite the slow and fragile global economic recovery.

As a result, the share of the global internet environment over total advertising spending will increase from 11.9% in 2009 to 17.2% in 2019.

Jared Jenks, analyst at eMarketer highlighted in this sense that “the recession has undoubtedly served to boost online advertising by forcing companies and advertisers to cut back and have a much smaller and limited budgets.

During the past year and globally, advertising spending in the media group decreased by 10.5% to 565.1 billion, while spending on online advertising grew by 2% to reach 55.2 billion dollars.

Data on internet searches and advertising through companies such as Google clearly indicate that advertisers are reinforcing and increasing their advertising investments in large part because this type of advertising is becoming more measurable and effective for companies than advertising in the traditional media.

Similarly, advertisers are also responding and adapting to the changes and new habits of consumers who increasingly invest a greater part of their time in front of the computer connected to the internet than watching television.