25 November 2017

10 services and tools to know what they say about you in social media


Surely you’ve heard many times that “they talk about you, even if it’s wrong.” Fortunately or unfortunately, it happens; users comment, and much, on social media. Keep in mind that a comment is always an opportunity, either to improve, or to encourage engagement. Therefore it is best to be permanently informed about the comments and mentions in order to be prepared to act:

Bottlenose we were surprised today with the premiere of its Beta version. The company wants its application to be a true benchmark in the sector, monitoring events, trends and even images in real time. Its main advantage lies in the possibility of customizing the interface, giving preference to the type of information that is most interesting to control. Bottlenose aims to offer a professional quality service, which we will soon be able to verify. In the meantime you have then tools in perfect operation, all of them have been previously tested:

Socialmention The most widely used monitoring tool. It carries out global searches on the web and offers the possibility of filtering the results according to their typology and the source of emission. Thus, you can directly analyze the mentions made in blogs, the links added to news aggregators. It also offers a list of the most used keywords in the mentions, and you can even create alerts and receive alerts conveniently by mail.

Monitter A really effective tool to monitor in real time, literally. So much so that it has a button to pause the avalanche of updates that occur when you monitor a term whose presence is very active. It allows several searches at once, its interface is divided into columns, which you can organize according to your needs.

Omigli Tool to measure and compare the buz of any term. Analyze the competition, discover its strengths and generate graphs with the results.

Whostalkin Very complete monitoring tool, which offers rich and useful data. It collects the results of any platform and social media, and presents them classified by their source. That is, if we want to know only which YouTube videos collect a keyword, we introduce the search criteria and go directly to the section of this video network. There we will find only the results that interest us.

Tinker Allows you to monitor both topics and accounts. Create alerts and manage them from an intuitive desktop. It also makes it easier for you to manage your social profiles, mainly Facebook and Twitter. It has a menu to comfortably consult the news on topics of interest, events and news, whose results include images and videos.

Hastag.org If you want to know the trends in terms of the most used topics, this is your site. You can also create and monitor your own hashtag. This functionality is also very helpful when it comes to monitoring the evolution of a campaign centered on its own hashtag.

Tweetdeck Much more than an application to manage your social networks, Tweetdeck is ideal to record in real time the mentions that your brand receives, as well as those of any other account, and even the hashtag that you establish. In a very visual way you can create an authentic monitoring and management panel in social networks.

Tweetbeep With this nice little bird you can control what most interests you of everything that takes place on Twitter, from mentions or keywords to url, even if these have been shortened. Configure your alerts and receive all notifications in your mail.

Twitrratr Monitor your name and evaluate the results obtained, categorizing them as positive, negative or neutral. It is very useful to effectively detect negative comments towards the brand. It is very simple, fast to use and, very importantly, it has loading speed.

Google Blog Search of How could it be otherwise, Google has tools for everything. The great tycoon of information offers us thanks to this tool the results on the term that we indicate throughout the blogosphere.

Google Alerts It is characterized by continually researching the web and serving in our mail tray, depending on the frequency established, an email with the results obtained about the previously configured search.

As you can see, there are many solutions to control your brand, the evolution of your social media strategy, your competition and market trends. Each of them has its particularities, has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a matter of choosing at each moment the one that best suits your needs. Which ones do you usually use?