17 July 2024

Top knitting facts to know

Knitting is a word derived from the phrase ‘to knot’ and since the time of the ancient Egyptians, it has been an art form that has changed fashion, economy, politics and world trade. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top knitting facts you need to know.

10 July 2024

Accounting and Auditing

Accountants are primarily responsible for a wide range of tasks, including tax preparation and financial planning. Accountants are utilising their expertise and knowledge to help clients in a variety of ways. Many accountants are expanding into specialised services to gain an edge over the competition. Audit is one of these expanded services.

26 June 2024

Know the value of an architect

Remind yourself first and foremost why it is worth hiring an architect. They can make a huge contribution to any build. This includes negotiating complicated building regulations and planning procedures on your behalf, creating a site-specific plan that maximises space, natural light and storage, researching materials, fixtures, and finishes, or designing bespoke joinery and furniture.

24 June 2024

Is Rural Life Right for You?

Living in a rural area is something that many people dream of – if you are fed up with the noise, the traffic and the lack of wide-open spaces in the big city and want a slower pace of life, then moving to somewhere in the countryside could be just what you need.

24 June 2024

Why Digital Advertising is a Powerful Marketing Tool

In today’s digital world, digital advertising has come to be a beneficial marketing tool for all sizes of businesses. Being able to reach large audiences and particular demographics while tracking real-time results, digital advertising offers massive opportunities for businesses to connect with their ideal customers.

19 June 2024

Transform Your Van into the Ultimate Mobile Workspace

Purchasing a new van for your business can be a very exciting moment, as it symbolises the success and growth of your company. Although having a new van can be exciting, it is important that you take steps quickly to ensure that it is suitable for your daily jobs. If your van is left unorganised and unprepared for your job, then it could have a […]

12 June 2024

Garden Jobs to Do Whilst the Weather is Good

This is the time of year to spend time out in the garden, and as well as having fun, it is also a good time to get on with all of those garden maintenance jobs that you have to do whilst the weather is good. If you are planning to get out and do some work in the garden, here are some of the things […]

26 May 2024

Cement Your Future in the Forest-of-Dean

With the expensive vehicle tolls completely removed from the Severn Bridge Crossing, many families and individuals are moving to Wales, where the cost of living is significantly lower.  With costly medical prescriptions and bus travel free for the over sixties many older couples are also joining the exodus into the Welsh countryside particularly from Bristol.  Travelling across the Bridge into the Forest-of-Dean, Chepstow, Lydney, Berry […]

24 May 2024

Improving Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a room that does so much, and of course we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If you are not happy with it, there are lots of ways that it can be improved- here are some of the things to think about to help you improve your kitchen and get the most out of it….