16 March 2023

What is a vacuum conveyor, what is it used for and who would use this technology.

Many large companies are now using a Vacuum conveyor to move bulk loads of various solid materials quickly and efficiently through a pipe from one place to another.  The clever use of pressurised gas to convey these solid particles has been refined from a German Engineer named Gasterstadt, who in the 1950’s discovered he could shift solid particles along a pipe using air.  His experiments […]

16 March 2023

All your Professional Packing requirements catered for

If you are a discerning business that needs all your professional packing requirements catered for then look no further than a company like https://www.wyepak.co.uk/contract-packing who specialise in Contract Packing.  ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified and are compliant with all their stringent health and safety requirements as well as environmentally friendly and with a pledge to produce a zero-landfill operation, these bespoke packing companies will […]

22 February 2023

Things to Look for When Choosing a New Computer

When it comes to shopping for a new computer, there are lots of things to think about that will mean you get the right computer for your needs. There are so many different computers out there to choose from that it can be difficult to wade through all of the information that is available and make sure that you find one that is suitable for […]

19 February 2023

What is your idea of a forever home?

Most people dream of settling in a “forever home,” and everyone imagines different features in their home. Some people want their forever home to be one in a community with friendly similar-aged people, like in a Park Homes Gloucestershire location. Find out more about Park Homes Gloucestershire and visit Park Home Life.

4 February 2023

Why it Pays for your Business to Have a Well Designed Website

Times are tough for many businesses right now, so you need to make sure that every penny your business spends is worth it! Making sure that you are doing all you can in order to succeed could keep your business afloat through hard times. Something that is becoming more important in business is making sure that you have an online presence.

2 February 2023

What are the 3 types of trauma?

Trauma informed practice is becoming more commonplace in health settings and there are other industries such as education that are looking to have more staff attend Trauma informed training like those offered by www.tidaltraining.co.uk/mental-health-courses/trauma-informed-practice-training to help staff members feel confident in supporting people who have experience trauma and may be displaying some of the behaviours that are associated with this. These behaviours can range from […]

31 January 2023

How should you Clean Up A Minor Chemical Spill

Accidents do happen. No matter how much we try to prevent them or put systems in place so that they don’t occur in the first place something inevitably seems to give. This is true for your local office and home just as much as it does in the wider world. Admittedly if there is a large-scale spill of a chemical substance it can have a […]

11 January 2023

Top Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Trade shows can be a great way to get new leads and partnerships, but you need to take some time to create a marketing strategy. By incorporating the following trade show marketing ideas into your overall strategy, you can maximize your sales. Image credit One great idea is to bring samples of your products to a trade show. This can help you reach a wide […]

11 January 2023

Protect your Pipes in the Cold Weather

Throughout December, a cold snap made its way over to the British Isles and stayed around for some time. As well as the issues that this caused with transport, and getting around as roads, railways and pavements became snowy and icy and therefore dangerous, it can also cause issues for us closer to home.

9 January 2023

Protecting your Pipes from the Cold This Winter

The winter weather can cause problems for our drains and pipes. With a good couple of months of winter still to go, we are certainly not out of the woods yet, and it is likely that we may experience more chilly weather with temperatures getting to below freezing before the winter is out. Image Credit Here are some of the things that you can do […]