29 September 2018

80% of Twitter advertisers renew their advertising bet


80% of Twitter advertisers have renewed their contracts, which confirms that although the company is taking its first steps in the advertising business and is not pressured to obtain short-term income, it will not miss the opportunity that It presents and is acting accordingly improving every day more its services as demonstrated on Wednesday when in the D9 conference, confirmed the new function of adding photos and videos to Twitter avoiding passing through third parties, as well as an improved search function.

It currently has 600 advertisers, far exceeding 150 with those who closed the previous year and would generate, according to eMarketer estimates, about 104 million dollars in advertising revenue this year, something that has not prevented investors from placing their bets about his future.

In December of last year, the company was valued at 2,570 million dollars in a financing round of 138 million, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, but an auction in the secondary market held in March, valued at 4,863 million dollars , which confirms its constant rise.

Increase that we also see on Facebook and that makes it clear that social services are the big opponents of established companies like Yahoo! and Google.