6 August 2018

Differentiate, key to conquer and retain consumers


The increase in competition has led brands to delve into the hidden recesses and precepts of traditional, postmodern and current marketing in the constant search for the added value of being “different”.

The different management approaches do not include users and yet it is a maxim that a company without clients is like a garden without flowers. 80% of the brands have consolidated clients, which provides strength and future projections, however, marketing and advertising budgets are focused on attracting new clients, which implies an efficient planning and a modification of the focus on what customers want, what makes them feel satisfied and what are the reasons for abandonment …

In order to answer these questions, brands must conduct commercial research aimed at implementing actions through which loyalty is achieved. Thinking like the client, although it seems like a truism, is often forgotten, it is therefore our first advice to differentiate ourselves from its competitors.

The loyalty is our second advice, it is not only that they increase the portfolio of clients of the brands is that, to a greater degree of loyalty, greater generation of flow, income and reduction of costs. We must bear in mind that loyalty is a powerful reducer of operating costs and an excellent promoter of increased purchases.

Additionally, satisfied customers are powerful weapons for attracting new customers, it is enough to observe the level of efficiency that the virality inherent in social networks has meant for brands.

Differentiation is equal to added value, competitiveness, the creation of new experiences and the increase of fidelity. Only through differentiation will brands achieve – in relation to their final objective – increase profitability.

Senses, emotions, socialization … there is no other more efficient formula for brands that reach the heart and emotions of their potential customers, not in vain, there are few companies whose master lines of their marketing departments is the indivisible relationship between senses and the purchase decision.

In conclusion, the keys of the differentiation of the brands with their competence, we find them very well detailed in an interesting book entitled Vivencial Marketing of Bernd Schmitt, whose texts rescue the importance of:

  • Awareness of the evolution of experiences.
  • The marketing and advertising strategies of the brands must not only be planned, but also elaborated with the customers in mind first.
  • The details do matter, they increase the quality of the service, the loyalty and therefore … the online reputation.
  • Every company must have an element that differentiates it
  • Analyze in terms of market also, brands should include the study of consumption in their marketing and advertising strategies. Those who focus solely on the implementation of a new product and do not pay attention to the evolution of consumption, are leaving out of the analysis variables of great relevance that will also condition, the decisions of the users.
  • Be eclectic in your analyzes and the use of methods.
  • The dynamism and the Dionysian essence -associated with pleasures- will eliminate bureaucracy, giving rise to creativity, emotion and the welcome of change.