1 December 2018

Eight web design mistakes to avoid


An effective website is one that attracts high-value visitors, and then encourages them to respond to one of your calls to action. So if your website isn’t delivering, here are eight potential problems that you need to address.

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1 Lack of mobile-friendly design

According to Forbes, well over half of searches are now conducted on smartphones and tablets. So if your website isn’t perfectly configured to display correctly on small screen sizes, you could be losing out on a significant number of potential conversions.

2 No contact information

Web visitors like to engage with their brands these days. That means they want to know who you are, where you operate, and how to get in touch. Provide email details, along with telephone numbers and a physical address, to reassure customers that you are a genuine and reputable business.

3 Poor navigation

To lose a customer to your site through a lack of intuitive search and navigation features is unforgivable in this day and age. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that expert help will cost too much either. When searching for good web design Swindon might not seem the most intuitive place to start your search, but http://www.webdesignerswindon.co.uk offers a clear pricing policy that allows you to commission the perfect website within your budgetary constraints.

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4 No footer information

Web visitors have learned that the foot of a webpage is a source of valuable information. Links to contact information, delivery details, FAQs and more, can all usually be found by scrolling to the bottom of a page. So don’t disappoint your potential customers.

5 Slow loading times

If your web pages don’t load within two seconds, then most visitors simply won’t wait around. Speed up slow-loading pages as a matter of urgency.

6 Unclear calls to action

Your CTAs should be clear and easy to locate on every page, so don’t make visitors search for them.

7 Lack of analytics

Analysing web data shows you where bounce rates are high, conversions are low, and what aspects of a website attract, or repel visitors. Always monitor your website’s performance and respond accordingly.

8 Simple errors

Typos, spelling mistakes and incorrect prices or product information turn customers off in their droves. Proofread everything that goes online and update information as a matter of priority.