11 March 2016

How do you know if your information in the cloud is physically secure?


In early 2015, the firm Kaspersky reported that a group of cyber criminals stole hundreds of millions of dollars in 100 banks in 30 countries

Much of our information on the internet; one part is in the public domain because it is one that we share through platforms like social networks or communities of music. However, private information (which cares more) is that we provide to companies and government in exchange for goods or services, for example, when we buy a song or when performing banking transactions. Therefore, providers of such services must make sure to put all the data in the right place as safe as possible.

How do you know if your information in the cloud is physically secure

“The cloud” as it is commonly known, must have a physical place to stay; these places are known as data centers, which are used to store and manage all the information that we discussed. Within these data centers also are servers that give life to the software that companies use for different services, such as payroll, advice on decision-making and finances. The size and number of data centers that a company needs vary depending on the course of business and, above all, of its size.

In recent months, we have heard that the “hackers” have actively attacked various public and private entities worldwide in order to obtain large amounts of information. For example, in early 2015, the firm Kaspersky reported that a group of cyber criminals stole hundreds of millions of dollars in 100 banks in 30 countries.

A more secure cloud

While the cloud is, a tool that many companies already working in the not too distant future, and the Internet of Things, all the information will eventually be digitized and increasingly services are carried out through these platforms a trend that cannot be stopped.

According to our data, 66% of all data in the world have been generated in the last 1000 days. In addition, in 2016, 64% of all traffic data centers worldwide solutions correspond to cloud computing.

Because of this, specialists in Information Technology must work every day to improve the security protocols in their data centers and technological campus where they are located.

The first and most important recommendation to hire the best provider of data centers is to ensure that the provider complies with the strategy of the contracting company; In addition, there may be five differentiators guide to avoid hiring a service data center that does not fit the size, strategy and budget of the company:

  1. While it is true that the higher the level of availability and certification, the lower the incidence of faults, data centers may still fail. It is important to verify that your data center provider certifications, the highest in the market.
  2. Not only facilities must be certified engineers also supporting its operation should be. Because ultimately it is they who ensure that the infrastructure is secure and open 24 hours 365 days a year.
  3. Safety, physical and information technology plays an important provider and data centers neither are underestimated role. The campus that house data centers must have physical access controls and video surveillance all the time (24/7/365).
  4. One of the benefits of hiring a provider of data centers is that it is forced to provide high-quality technical support. On-site or remotely, with highly trained engineers, certified to ensure the highest level of availability and reducing the max out errors.
  5. Redundancy in its facilities, i.e. the best provider of a service of this type is one that has an exact replica of their facilities; the main benefit of redundancy is that, if structural or human error, replication starts working immediately, without affecting business operations.
  6. Multi-carrier service; the diversity of telecommunications networks increases the security of the information it makes it harder to a cyber criminal access it.