25 August 2018

SMEs with online storefront increased 23% in the last year


Betting on electronic commerce means betting on the company. SMEs with online showcase increased 23% compared to the previous year, which represents an increase of two points over the total of Spanish SMEs. However, the latest data from SAGE indicate that only 9.1% of small and medium-sized national companies incorporate a virtual store in their portals.

According to the study, in Spain there is some resistance from small and medium businesses at the time of undertaking on the Internet. The survey shows that a very important part of this sector (44.4%) does not even have its own website, while the remaining 46.5% have a purely corporate website.

The ignorance of the network and the opportunities it offers are the main obstacles to the development of Spanish companies. However, the data show that online commerce represents today one of the sectors with the greatest growth potential in Spain.

According to a new study presented by the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), Spanish electronic commerce continues to record, reaching a turnover of 1,901.4 million euros in the third quarter of 2010, 26.5% more than in the same period of 2009.

This is the context in which CiudadMarket, a platform that provides tools for the dissemination and development on the Internet of traditional local commerce, is positioning itself to supply the basic needs of SMEs in the network. The portal offers an online showcase in which the company can show itself, giving them the opportunity to increase their productivity and improve interactivity with their customers without having to worry about the management of a website.

According to the same study, only 46.79% of the interviewees have tools to communicate and retain their clients and, within this percentage, the most used tools are still traditional telephone calls, followed by email and postal and the sms. In this sense, the Internet is not yet exploited as an instrument of loyalty, despite its high potential.

On the other hand, 26.35% of SMEs have a presence in social networks and only 29.6% of these declare to be present to publicize their business and to generate opportunities, CiudadMarket makes available a unique tool, a social network totally dedicated to social shopping in Spain. In addition, the platform facilitates its clients the possibility of taking advantage of the communication channels already existing in the most well-known social networks, as well as a series of mobile geolocation applications for the diffusion of the own commerce