5 January 2017

Social Media Marketing yes but not always here and now


Being on the net is something that is attractive, interesting or even exotic for both business and people. It gives them a sort of dawn of  modernity, as followers of the latest trends and technologies, regardless of the potential and actual use are being used.

Centering the example of the options that  Social Media award in the business operations, as vehicles for the care and customer satisfaction, it could be mentioned the importance is the very  dynamics of these tools when using them to achieve pure business objectives (Income from sales transactions).

Social Media Marketing yes but not always here and nowDo not forget that the advent of the Internet and ubiquitous communication options change the  nature of the customer or consumer. The same is, a priori, more  rational and intelligent  at the higher amount of information consumed in the network, wherever you are. This factor influences the potential use that the information has in its personal work and the decision making as the ones of purchase and / or consumption.

This reality is joined by the social factor in the digital world that highlights the connected nature of customers and consumers in society. Whatever it is, this  – digital social profile of the customer is not always found in all markets where it seeks to satisfy clients who do not participate in all cases with the  same dynamics that enable Social Media.

In simplified form it can be concluded that trying to compete on the network with formulas of marketing and communication designed for superior social dynamics to living the client does not carry the same commercial results in the  short term  than those that would be achieved in contexts socially More dynamic in the network.

Indeed is the social level that each competitive environment hosts is what defines the success of specific (and especially the most complex) social-digital formulas. You can not expect a person with a fishing rod  in freshwater capture many fish in salt sea. You will have to approach the mouth of the river to start having more success in your work and this will be fully achieved when the fisherman (the company) uses the right tool for the place where it is. A tool that can be both digital (a cane) and offline (a network), with its limits that determine its success before the different places where they can be used.

Not always the company can go to the river to fish more because the situation of its market and its clients hinder and impede its way (although it can fight against it). Consequently you can not expect in the short term has sales and commercial success with the  introduction of formulas digital and social, such as the community and content management or positioning techniques in sectors where the social activity of final consumers (especially ) Are not properly digitized.

Social Media transform people’s way of doing things, but it will be the scope of their use that determines the best options for achieving business success in their care.