19 March 2016

The importance and value of SMEs Workshops


Increasingly, brands are seeking new ways to surprise consumers trying to get the maximum impact. When you have large financial resources and the ability to perform great deeds this is more or less “easy” but when it comes to an SME where limited budget is “more than important” success “being becomes a complicated tad”.

If this is your case, do not get discouraged because with a little imagination you can create an experience that will allow you to gain notoriety and will position you in the minds of your target. In fact, one of the most interesting in minimizing costs and amaze your clients if you are a SME forms is generate them an experience that will remind your brand over time. How does that you can do? For through the organization of a workshop.

SMEsThe workshops, so fashionable lately are really workshops or events with an educational order in which activities that require public interaction through various group and where participants can exchange views and different experiences during the event practices are proposed. The ideal is to have a communications agency, events, etc. help you organize it, but if you prefer to plan your own, here I leave a key so you can do it.

For example:

  • If your company is engaged in the manufacture of bakery products and pastries industry can make a fun workshop whose purpose, after a theoretical talk, is the manufacture of sweets for the family. From there the possibilities are endless, invite end users, distributors, specifiers, bloggers, etc. and give it your own special touch for example celebrate on a weekend, make an evening workshop, etc.
  • If your company is engaged with computer education for children and youth; the goal of the Workshop should be taught them how a digital game and where your complex process involving understand different skills such as creativity, artistic skills, new technologies, etc. You can invite to both children and parents in order to generate a positive perception of the brand to the latter, which really are the makers of purchase.
  • At other times depending on the activity of your company, you may not need to occur in the workshop anything. Again, I put another example. You can give a workshop training in customer service where the present coordinator some situations for participants, divided into groups and through different techniques, role playing, etc. they can discuss the issue and enrich each other with their experiences.

Once you have decided the issue to be discussed at the workshop and will invite the audience you need to decide the duration of the event. You can organize only one or you can also make different workshops of shorter duration and group them into a block under one theme with pauses so that attendees can rest. Remember that what differentiates a workshop of a seminar or conference is that the public is actively involved therefore have an efficient coordinator and charisma is fundamental. It will depend on the development of the event.

After planning that will address your workshop and assistant profile that you invite, touch disseminate, communicate, to get the largest number of attendees. Sure, you already have a company profile on social networks right. Because you already have a tool to do so and you can spread through the media, banners on websites, etc.

Before making the dissemination of the event be sure to plan well the equipment and facilities that will use (if they are better because you will minimize own costs) and have confirmation of the coordinator or suppliers you need for your celebration. If your budget allows, you can also provide a coffee break in order to promote the exchange of ideas.

Finally, keep in mind that sometimes these events bring together a large number of participants so it is interesting to have applications that allow us quickly demonstrate to attendees. It is also important to provide certificates of attendance or send the same day the next day.