1 October 2017

The mobile will open a wide range of possibilities to small advertisers


On this occasion, we chatted with her to address the present and future of marketing and mobile advertising, in an interview replete with interesting data and conclusions.

After more than 10 years in the world of telecommunications how have you lived your evolution?

The mobile will open a wide range of possibilities to small advertisersI have to confess that I started to work in the sector by pure chance. When I finished the career I was ready to work in any industry, like everyone else, but I was lucky enough to finish my studies when the teleco were in full expansion, after the liberalization of the market, and offered employment. I still remember perfectly my first days in the operator, where I could not distinguish a Nokia 5110 terminal from an Ericsson A1018, and the “collective hysteria” of our customers to have a mobile phone in their hands. The penetration rate multiplied by two, year by year. Obviously, I fell madly in love with a young sector, absolutely changing and with a long way to go.

It has rained a lot since then but the evolution of this world has touched science-fiction if we think carefully. The rapid technological progress of both networks and manufacturers has opened up a number of possibilities that we did not contemplate. The number of companies in the value chain has grown exponentially and, every day, we live phenomena like that of Angry Birds or Instagram difficult to imagine ten years ago.

I honestly would never have thought that I would end up working in advertising within the industry, it was an option that was not contemplated, so my own evolution has been science fiction.

The advertisers are already thinking about mobile marketing.

Absolutely. As I have commented on several occasions, advertising is a market of audiences. There is no longer any doubt on the part of advertisers that the mobile medium has the capacity to generate them. There is no need to do any exhaustive market research to conclude the changes produced in consumer habits, we should simply look around to be aware of the uses we make with the mobile as a means. The current challenge for advertisers is to understand this new behavior to know what campaign objectives can be met through the mobile. From my point of view, the main barrier that advertisers have to bet strongly on the medium is the economic situation we face. In an adverse environment, there is no place for testing and learning due to short-termism. In short, already thinking about mobile marketing is now the time to learn that the small device has its own capabilities from the advertising perspective, once the technical creative part is overcome.

Mobile marketing continues its rise What do you advise people who want to train?

It is difficult to advise the rest when my training in Mobile Marketing has been eminently practical and under trial-error method. However, I would recommend that you go to the training centers that are really specialized in this area as a first step. In any case, the medium evolves so fast that you have to be in continuous learning: newsletters, Twitter, talks, events, networking … should be part of your day to day.

Smartphones have changed the world of advertising is there room for new professionals?

Just visit Linkedin and see the existing job offer in the USA, a somewhat more mature market in terms of mobile advertising, to understand that the demand for new professionals is already a reality. As we know, the economic situation of our country is not allowing the medium to develop at the same speed as other countries but the opportunities will come sooner or later. In addition, the chances of professional growth will be much higher, due to the lack of specialists, as has happened in other media.

The mobile marketing has marked a before and after in the way of advertising How do you see its evolution?

The ability to segment the medium, with a special emphasis on geolocation, will reinforce the before and after. The mobile will open a wide range of possibilities to small advertisers in the near future. I think the small screen will not be reserved for big brands but will allow the advertising investment of local businesses that will take advantage of the opportunities that other media can not offer.

As a teacher in KSchool III Professional Marketing Program What has this program meant in the market?

It is an honor for me to be a teacher of this Program as it is aimed at active professionals of whom I have learned much more than I have been able to teach them. Unfortunately, not everything is written in mobile marketing and advertising. In addition to having a large teaching staff, the differential is clearly marked by the student profile that the classes count on.

What is the future of mobile advertising?

I do not dare to make a firm forecast because the previous questions have reminded me that ten years ago I would not have believed what my destiny was in the telecommunications sector. At that time my obsession was the traffic of voice and sms, the possibilities of employment were reduced to several companies and the value chain was not excessively complex. If the next ten years have a similar progression, my imagination is quite limited.