24 April 2020

The Office Christmas Eve party you don’t EVER want to attend at the Nakatomi Towers


It’s the one Christmas Eve office party you don’t ever want to attend and that’s the one in the 1988 action thriller film “Die hard” starring Bruce Willis.  His character John McClane is an off-duty Police Officer who happens to get caught up in a violent heist at The Nakatomi Towers on Christmas eve. The New York Detective is planning to reconcile with his wife, Holly who works at the Corporation based in Los Angeles.

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The Tower block is seized by Hans Gruber and his West German gang of radical mercenaries who plan to steal the $640 million in bearer bonds stored in the buildings vault.  Glass walls are shattered as gun shots are fired, blood is spilt as people are hurt or killed, bombs explode causing mayhem and debris to fall.  The whole building is a complete disaster zone, if your Christmas Eve office party leaves this kind of mess then contact companies that provide  Commercial Cleaning Leicester such as https://www.acecleaningcompany.co.uk/commercial-cleaning/ and arrange to get it sorted before the New Year!

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The FBI attend the scene and shut off all the power to the building controlled by the terrorists, this works in the gunmen’s favour as it automatically unlocks the vault where the bonds are stored.  After a great deal of pain, involving getting stabbed, shot and walking on broken glass, John McClane rescues Holly and kills all the terrorists