27 September 2023

How to dry your wool clothing

By ruiiid5

Washing and drying your knitwear carefully is key to keeping your garments soft, supple and in shape. We’ve all experienced the horror of a shrunken sweater, but caring for your wool clothing needn’t be a nightmare. Here’s how to keep your winter wardrobe in tip-top condition after washing.

Check the label first

Before washing and drying, make sure you double-check your garment’s label. It will provide instructions for the best method for your item’s particular fabric type. For example, some woven wear, like tailored trousers, can simply be hung up and air-dried, but are best kept out of direct sunlight.

Although for many woollen garments the tumble dryer is best avoided, the care label will advise if this is an option for you.

Choose flat drying

If you have a favourite Aran fisher man sweater from a specialist such as https://shoparan.com/mens-aran-sweaters/mens-fisherman-sweaters/, you can prevent it from becoming stretched by flat drying instead of line drying. To do this, lay your garment flat on a clean, lint-free white towel or sheet and leave it to air dry out of direct sunlight.

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You can also find special mesh screens that can be placed over your bath in order to speed up the drying process indoors. Don’t forget to knead the garment gently into shape once you’ve laid it out flat. This method will prevent your favourite cardigan from becoming shapeless or saggy, which happens due to the garment’s weight causing lengthening when using a hanger or pegging it out on the line.

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What not to do

Avoid draping your wool garments over the radiator, as they won’t dry evenly, and this can cause colour changes and stretching. Direct sunlight can also discolour or damage your clothing and is best avoided. This includes magnified sunlight, e.g. the sun shining through the window. If you’ve already had a wool disaster, you can learn how to fix stretching or shrinking issues here.

By following these simple tips, you’ll keep your woollen wardrobe looking and feeling its best for years to come and avoid any drying disasters.