13 January 2024

Keeping the Workplace Allergy Free

By ruiiid5

Allergies are an unpleasant issue to deal with – they can range from fairly mild to life threatening, and although in most cases an allergy will tend to just be slightly irritating, it is always better to avoid the triggers that set it off if possible.

People can have an allergic reaction to all kinds of things – from foods to animals to the particles that are in the air. One of the most effective ways to keep on top of allergies that are triggered by airborne particles is to keep on top of the cleaning, both at home and also in the workplace.

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If you are spending long periods of the day exposed to an allergen it is not only going to affect your health but it can also make you less productive. In the workplace, getting a professional like this office cleaning services Gloucestershire based company intocleaning.co.uk/contract-cleaning-services/office-cleaning-gloucestershire to come and clean regularly and thoroughly can help to keep peoples allergies at bay, as well as the other benefits that come from having a clean and tidy workplace.

These are some of the things that can trigger an allergic reaction at work:


Mould and Damp



A lot of these can be significantly reduced with good cleaning, and as well as this it can also be a good way to prevent problems from developing and help to keep the place in good condition. For example, we know that mould can cause health problems, so with regular cleaning it is far less likely to be able to build up in an area and the air will be of a better quality.

Here are some of the main areas to keep clean in the workplace to reduce allergies…

Carpets – Carpets are notorious dust and dirt traps and need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove all of the particles that can accumulate! Another option to reduce the dust is to replace the carpets with hard floors.

Windows – Condensation that forms around windows can lead to the growth of mould, so it is important to make sure that this is dealt with to stop it from building up. Using a dehumidifier around the windows can help with this.

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Air Conditioning System – Many workplaces use an air conditioning system to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, but this needs to be cleaned in order to make sure that it isn’t getting clogged with dirt and pollen.