27 February 2024

Working in the Hospitality Industry

By ruiiid5

When the Covid Pandemic struck the whole World back at the end of 2019 many businesses were ordered to close their doors and shut up shop.  The Hospitality Industry was one of the hardest hit and many restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs unfortunately never reopened and went out of business.  Trying to attract customers back into their establishments is a continuous challenge and many venues are investing in new and innovative technology in order to ensure they can continue trading. 

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The Staff that work in the Hospitality Industry are grateful for the help and support they receive from their forward-thinking managers and business owners.  The technologically advanced Pager System, available from a reputable, experienced company such as https://www.dinggly.com/ is easy to operate and customer friendly.  The Staff that are now using this clever “Call for Service” Operating System find that it ensures they serve all their customers in a timely and efficient manner. This is an innovative System that’s ideal for busy restaurants, bars and cafes and with an extensive range of Call Buttons and configuration options it can be adapted to suit various Hospitality venues.

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For the hardworking staff in a busy restaurant, bar or café, they are an essential part of their day, ensuring they attend all the tables as and when the customer is ready.  Outside or in, upstairs or down, through thick walls and long distances this state-of-the-art System will continue to operate efficiently.