28 August 2015

10 Characteristics that define New Entrepreneurs


For new entrepreneurs jump into the business world is a unique adventure full of emotions and challenges. The challenges are increasing because competition today is everywhere, and at the same time is becoming ever more aggressive in terms of innovation and prices. So to be successful it is essential to develop certain characteristics that make them highly competitive and effective in the development of their business projects.

Business1. Constantly look for opportunities

A good entrepreneur always has his eyes open for new opportunities. Know that these opportunities are everywhere and can occur at any time.

Not exactly means wanting to do everything, or as the saying goes pretend “to do too much”, but if they are able to develop a sense of business savvy that enables them to identify a good opportunity when they see it, and go after it.

2. Are creative and innovative

People with entrepreneurial spirit are capable of conceiving business giving life to new ways of doing the same things. They can give creative solutions to common problems and are not afraid to imagine and try.

3. Value the efficiency and quality

The new entrepreneurs are clear that without efficiency is impossible to achieve high levels of quality to offer products that excel in the market.

4. They are self-motivated and have self-confidence

What is an entrepreneur? It is someone who gets up in the morning motivated by their dreams and returns at night to rest with the sole desire to wait for morning to continue them.

5. They are organized and planners

They know that to start a new business need to plan properly and that this is the single best resource to calculate and reduce risk. An entrepreneur knows there is a place for everything and everything should be in place.

6. Accept the challenges optimistically

The new entrepreneurs can meet with positivism circumstances while remaining realistic. They know that putting a new business involves many challenges but face each of these with a great attitude.

7. Inform and seek advice

To successfully undertake these people are documented and learn all they need about your business. They seek advice to people who have already achieved and advise especially in areas where they are less conscientious.

8. They are persistent and do not fear failure

An entrepreneur is someone who will try dozens of times before giving up (if they surrender). In fact, you can recognize one of them because it seems that not fear failure. On the contrary, your best defense against this is persistence.

9. They are tenacious but calculated risks

Tenacity is the feature that makes people venture to try difficult things to achieve. The great conquerors were tenacious and an entrepreneur can be compared to them because every day conquer markets, customers and even conquer their own fears.

10. Have the ability to make alliances

If anything differentiates a true entrepreneur is the ability to recognize that alone, the road is longer. An entrepreneur makes alliances, working as a team, have abundance mentality and knows what “two are better than one.”

The good news is that all these features are formed, built and developed as part of our character and personality as new entrepreneurs.

How to do it? There are several ways: reading business books, books of positive mental attitude, by meeting with successful people, leaving aside activities and habits that are waste of time and attending leadership seminars.

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