14 December 2018

6 out of 10 Internet users turn to the network to find their Christmas gifts


Cuponing and the boom of online stores lead 14.5 million users to search for their Christmas gifts on the internet

The stress, the haste and the hassle of buying Christmas gifts at the last minute are beginning to be a thing of the past, thanks to the discounts generated by the new coupon portals and the boost that traditional stores are giving to their websites. There are more than 14.5 million who visit the network in search of their presents and gifts for these holidays, according to a study by Nielsen Online.

The report states that six out of ten Internet users take advantage of this channel to avoid queues and be able to compare the different offers; not in vain, each visitor queries an average of no less than 150 pages online before deciding his purchase, spending approximately one hour of his time to do window-shopping online.

This tendency to compare prices has a lot to do with the collective shopping portals, in which groups of users can join to get better offers. The popularity of this type of portals has been ‘in crescendo’ for several years, to the point of occupying seven of the eleven first places among the most visited portals.

But the change of habits is not only how you buy, but also what you buy: this type of pages have among their most demanded products tickets and vouchers for shows, theater, leisure, massages, spas, gyms, courses cooking and even training courses, which can be very useful when it comes to finding gifts different from the typical ties or the classic perfumes.

Tradition in the network

However, the traditional spirit continues to prevail among, in such a way that the most visited portal is none other than El Corte Inglés, with 4.4 million potential buyers. Despite its more than 70 years of history, these department stores seem to have adapted to the new times, and even have an online store specifically aimed at mobile phones.

It also highlights the rapid success of the version of Amazon, which just a few months after its launch has already climbed positions to become the second place preferred by the ‘Three Kings’ to do their Christmas shopping.

Other traditional establishments that also have an important specific weight in the network are Carrefour (1.9 million users) and Fnac (1.1 million users), both of French origin but with a presence in our country for a long time.

Other ways to buy

However, the real revolution in Christmas shopping on the Internet comes hand in hand with the aforementioned cupping portals, such as Letsbonus (2.4 million users), Groupon (2.2 million users) or Groupalia (1.7 million users), all of them settled in the upper half of the table.

Also the private sale clubs and outlets of top brands such as Privalia (1.6 million users), BuyVip (1.5 million users), Ofertix (1.4 million users) or Vente-privée (1, 3 million users) continue to capture the interest of the when it comes to getting their gifts for these Fiestas, as they offer products from leading brands at competitive prices.

Along with all these pages, in the list of Kings of Internet users also this year are portals such as the popular auction system eBay (3.2 million users), with all kinds of objects for sale, or the website Atrápalo (1.8 million users), where you can find tickets for shows to vacation packages.