8 September 2018

Advertising investment in conventional media falls by 1%


According to the latest report developed by Infoadex, advertising investment in conventional media during the first quarter of 2011 has fallen by 1%, reaching 1,169.8 million dollars, compared to 1,181.2 million registered during the same period last year 2010.

Specifically, four of the conventional media, cinema, newspapers, Sunday newspapers and magazines have experienced a decrease in their advertising investment figures during this period. Internet, radio and television were the only means that have grown.

In the case of cinema, it has reached a volume of 3.6 million euros, which represents a decline of 31.2%; while the newspapers – the second half for its absolute amount of advertising investment – have registered in this period a fall of 10.2%, to 219.7 million euros.

The Dominicans also recorded a fall of 2.9%, placing their investment volume at 14.2 million euros. In the case of magazines, its fall was 6.5% to 83.4 million euros.

Television, the first means in terms of investment volume, jointly experienced a slight growth of 0.9%, reaching 589.9 million euros during this first quarter of the year.

Individually, national open TVs experienced a growth of 3.6%, reaching 519.2 million euros, which means a market share of 88%. As for the regional television was recorded a sharp fall of 19.6% placing its investment figure at 56.6 million euros.

Regarding the payment channels, they showed a growth of 6.4%, reaching a turnover of 14.2 million and a market share of 2.4%.

In this line of increase, the ‘Exterior’ medium, whose figure in the first three months of 2011 reaches 84.8 million, presents a growth of 1.6% with respect to the equivalent period of the previous year. For its part, the radio shows a 3.8% growth with an amount of 103.1 million advertising investment.

Finally, the Internet is still unstoppable and has experienced a growth of its advertising investment of 18.5%, reaching 71.1 million euros during this period.