25 May 2016

Affiliate Marketing: Concepts and practical strategy to follow


Affiliate Marketing still goes a little backward compared with other digital markets can be UK or USA, and we can take good account in our marketing plans, and considering how profitable it out in some cases if we put a good tracking control.

Practical concepts

Marketing is affiliate no longer a network of trading online to pay only for each sale achieved, or registration in some cases but most times is a CPA (cost per acquisition). These commercials are our affiliates, are the they provide the necessary traffic to the company (affiliate) program get hired sales. You give them your advertising media and they are the ones who launch a campaign emailing your records or put a banner with your brand to legend to your site.

Affiliate Marketing Concepts and practical strategy to followAffiliates with which we can find are:

1- Conventional Websites: portals are offering relevant information that often has bases partners that can send a newsletter with your promotion.

2- Type “cashback” are pages with databases that are its “sub-afliated” portal launches promotion and buying them back some of the money with the commission charged.

3- PPC Affiliates: Those who work with search engines buy keywords and put text ads on third party portals.

4- Databases email: Here we talked about large databases of email, you can reach millions of emails selected to launch campaigns related to their base.

5- Bases co-registration: New typology that allows users to subscribe directly to advertiser bids without filling the form contact manually.

As in all business relationships, and this is no exception, the most important task is the relationship with affiliates. One must know how to identify the best affiliates to work to convince your campaign and get a lasting relationship. This arduous task is where enter the two options for affiliate marketing that exist today:

– Direct Affiliation: If we have enough knowledge on the subject we can contact members manually and the relationship will be direct. In these cases it is basic support of some specialized software to prevent fraud.

– Networks of affiliation: The name says it all, are platforms that already have their members and what will mediate for you and your interests to launch the campaign.

Strategy and personal considerations

The truth is that in previous projects I could try affiliate marketing sometimes with good results but be very above not to take some frights. For good practice must take into account some points:

– Basically because it is very easy for you sneaking some experts affiliated goal with malpractices that can lead to poor sales.

– It is very important branding level tracking. The advantage is that generate sales commissions but only paying each member wants to check the maximum and can choose with annoying practices for the user to achieve better income.

– To go to affiliation and collaborate with the best affiliates you need a good product, a reference mark and pay good commissions. Otherwise it will cost you your campaign to be well received.

– You have to make very clear your brand policy: If you leave bid on your brand on Google, if you forbid certain practices such as pop-ups… Finally, he adds either the participant or can get you in trouble.