18 August 2017

Companies bet more than ever on content marketing


Content marketing is once again in full golden age: 86% of B2C companies claim that they use content marketing in their Social Media strategy; Of them 84% take advantage of social networks, in addition to blogs.

Companies bet more than ever on content marketingThis is reflected in the new report of the WCC (Content Marketing Institute). This result equates in terms of importance to social networks with the publication of articles on the web; Obtaining a greater degree of confidence as a marketing strategy (57% versus 53%).

Different  related reports  clearly show the increase in spending on online marketing, where the Content Marketing strategy is consolidated and positioned as the great bulwark of marketing for 2013

Facebook is still the most important social network

B2C companies use in their content marketing strategy an average of four social networks, in order to broaden the dissemination of their message. Of these, Facebook stands out widely as the preferred. No less than 90% of companies have this social platform to distribute their content. They follow you by far Twitter, with coverage of 69%, Youtube with 65% and LinkedIn with 51%. They also have some presence in the mind of these corporations others like Google+ or Pinterest.

Companies care about customer loyalty

The main objective of the study is to retain and retain the customer (77%), followed closely by attracting new buyers (75%) and promoting brand awareness (74%). It shows a clear predisposition to satisfy the customer and gain their trust.

Lack of budget remains a barrier

23% of participants in the study regrets their lack of financial resources, which prevents them from betting more strongly. On average, companies allocate 28% of their marketing budget to this area. By 2013, 15% of B2C intends to produce content in sufficient quantity, without neglecting the quality and getting hooked to its audience.

Other important findings of the study

The companies measure the impact of their actions based on web traffic (62%), direct conversion into sales (55%) and the repercussion obtained in social media (52%).

53% of B2C generates most of the content with staff of the company itself; 44% combine in-house production with outsourcing of the service, while only 2% contracts content creation entirely.