24 August 2017

The top reasons to play music in your retail store


Most successful retail outlets create an atmosphere, or ambience, that is welcoming to customers and helps to create a mood that complements the products for sale. Silence can make people uncomfortable, while loud, inappropriate music can drive customers away. Used correctly, music can play a vital part in defining a store’s identity, encouraging customers to stay around and ultimately facilitating the sale of lots of merchandise.

The top reasons to play music in your retail store

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Music can be a powerful part of a brand, to the point where hearing certain music makes you think of the brand. Music builds a brand’s personality and can also do this for your store. The right music will communicate what your store is all about.

Music can also mask background sounds and make the shopping experience more private. Nearly all staff who work in stores with no music report that stores that have music are more appealing and modern.

A compelling and uplifting experience

With growing competition from a huge range of online shopping portals, shopping in a store must give customers something they cannot get from a website. The atmosphere in your store must be enticing, make the experience more enjoyable, and ultimately make people feel good about being there and staying there.

The top reasons to play music in your retail store 2

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According to the Telegraph, the right kind of music in a store also motivates people to spend more money. This indicates that music for business growth and sales strategy is an extremely sound idea. A study from 2005 also demonstrated that shoppers outlay more on impulse purchases when music they enjoy is playing.

Music can influence shoppers in other ways. Research in a wine shop showed that German music resulted in higher sales of German wine, whereas French music led to more sales of French wine. If you want to discover more about the possibilities of music for business, consulting an expert in the field – such as http://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-music-for-business/ – will provide you with lots of helpful suggestions.

Music is also great for business in other ways. Employees can enjoy it, which will boost morale, enthusiasm and energy levels – all of which make your staff more productive and ensure that your store is a place where people will want to spend lots of their time and their money.