21 September 2016

Digital marketing for the fledgling business


When you’re starting out in business there are plenty of demands made on your budget. From letterheads to IT equipment, the expenditure never seems to end, leading many new startups to attempt to cut some financial corners.

Digital marketing for the fledgling business

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Plan your finances

The UK government is particularly keen to offer help and advice to anyone setting up in business, offering a useful resource to guide you through the early stages, including sources of financial assistance.

The Mirror also offers a raft of helpful advice for anyone considering starting their own business. The article looks into some of the common pitfalls for new business owners and ways to avoid them.

Some financial decisions are easier than others – choosing two-colour lithographic printing is far cheaper than four-colour, for example, while digital print runs can be even cheaper. If you don’t anticipate sending many letters then it can cut costs considerably to print off your own stationery as and when you need it.

But when it comes to developing and maintaining a strong web presence, trying to cut costs can seriously impede your future business prospects. There are a host of online resources designed to attract the small business owner by offering cheap websites that you build yourself using ready-made templates that you customise using a simple drag and drop interface.

Within just a few hours you could create a smart little website, which is all a new business needs isn’t it? Sadly, the reality is that prospective customers are unlikely to ever find your budget site, and even if they somehow do manage to stumble across it they are likely to be repelled by the free advertising that invariably clutters the screen.

You can pay a premium to have those adverts removed, but now your web budget is already increasing, and you still haven’t cracked the formula for ensuring that your site rises above those of your competitors in those all-important search engine rankings.

It pays to pay a professional

If you don’t know your SEO from your SMO (let alone your PPC), then it could be worth seeking out some professional advice. Some people shy away from this approach, particularly smaller businesses, thinking that it will make a huge dent in the company budget, but this is to misunderstand the impact that a good digital marketing company can have on your visitor numbers and subsequent profits.

For example, Cardiff web designers  http://www.netcentrics.co.uk assess the appropriate keywords that will raise your business profile, ensuring not just high visitor numbers but, crucially, the right type of visitors who will go on to spend their money on your products or services.  They can optimize the website and then carry that success on with follow on techniques,

Professional digital marketing experts have years of experience in their field and are up to date with all the latest rules and regulations imposed by the search engines. They will assess your market, identify competitors’ marketing strategies and ensure that your site is boosted sufficiently to practically guarantee an extremely healthy return on your digital marketing investment.