15 November 2018

From the company to the consumer in the era of Social Media: How we have changed!


We are at the height of the revolution of social media and networks, and there is no doubt that participation in this type of media is increasingly active and numerous.

We have to admit, yes. Social networks continue to grow as an unstoppable phenomenon of mass globally, and as a result, the interest of companies and brands to establish themselves and take root within them is a reality more than patent.

A look back, just a decade, and we can see how we have changed. The Internet is now the medium with the greatest future projection for all purposes. Business, Online shopping, Communication, advertising, etc … It is difficult to understand how just a few years ago, for many companies to be present on the network was something dispensable. An opinion extended at that time that has been altered, causing a change of mentality almost forced to not lose the train of technological evolution.

Now for brands and companies, ‘the web’ seems to be obsolete without conceiving its presence and participation in the media and social networks. So much so, that many large brands are checking how through their pages in this type of media, are generating greater benefits and synergies for their business than through their traditional websites.

This phenomenon is easy to explain, given that the millions of active users and participants in social networks are undoubtedly potential customers and consumers ‘within reach’, with which companies and brands can communicate and interact, initiating and establishing new links and relationships.

However, these changes have not been experienced only between companies and businesses that are now more aware than ever of the true power of the internet and social media. The users and consumers themselves are also benefiting greatly from the changes that have taken place and of which we are witnessing.

Your habits are changing. The way of communicating, relating, sharing information and even transforming the way to control their emotional impulses when making decisions in their purchasing processes. Now consumers are less impulsive and smarter. They seek, investigate, compare and take into account the opinions and experiences shared by other consumers through all available resources and tools as well as through the media and social networks before opting for one or another product or service.

This is perhaps the most important aspect to be taken into account by brands and companies that work to increase their visibility and invest resources and efforts to manage and maintain their online reputation intact. Undoubtedly, the best way to achieve this is to satisfy the real needs of customers and consumers, and for that, media and social networks are perhaps one of the best tools to listen to what others say or say about them.

The future? As always uncertain but certainly promising. However, as a result of the difficult times of crisis we are going through, many businesses are closing their doors. Others, however, are discovering the great opportunities of this new social era by closing these doors to open a new window to the digital world in a clear commitment to electronic commerce and the distribution business.

It is an increasingly widespread trend. Many consumers no longer travel the streets. They look for opportunities, offers, promotions and make their purchases through the internet. Maybe in another decade everything will be even more sophisticated and companies can even know when our bottle of milk is finished to offer us a new part and some suggestions based on our preferences and buying habits.