25 August 2017

How to make sure your business website is optimised for mobile


If your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices then you’re almost certainly losing out on visitors, and you could actually be alienating the very people that you’re trying to attract. And once your potential customer has left your site in frustration, it’s highly unlikely that he or she will return.

How to make sure your business website is optimised for mobile

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Mobiles overtake desktop computers

According to Search Engine Land, 2016 marked a sea change in the way we interact online, with mobile devices overtaking desktops for the first time. However, even Search Engine Land acknowledges that this may not be the full extent of the picture, with its own research showing that mobile use could be as high as 85 per cent on some websites.

No doubt you’ve experienced for yourself the frustration of trying to read text configured for a large screen on a small smartphone screen. Worse still, is when you try to fill in an online form that has been designed for a desktop computer. No wonder that in these circumstances, people seek out an alternative website that configures correctly to the smaller screen size of a mobile device.

How to make sure your business website is optimised for mobile 2

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As a business owner or manager, you already understand the need for great SEO, and you probably have web designers and PPC agencies on speed dial to help with promoting your website. But you really need to request an audit to discover which devices your customers tend to use and skew your marketing campaign accordingly. Top agencies such as http://www.elevateuk.com/ppc-management/ will quickly help to identify where changes could benefit your visitor numbers and profit margins.

Responsive design

The cheapest, and easiest, method for optimising your website for mobile devices is to choose a responsive design template. This will automatically configure your site to display on any size of screen. The advantage of this method is that it involves no extra cost to you. The downside is that even responsive design has limitations and it won’t guarantee your users the perfect mobile experience.

Separate your mobile site

For the ultimate user experience, it pays to create an app, or a dedicated mobile site, configured specifically for mobile devices. Whilst this may cost a little more, visitors will appreciate the ease of use, provided of course, that the site has been developed with usability in mind.