16 February 2017

Is Content Marketing the future of SEO or just a hype?


Today, in the SEO industry, there is more and more talk about “Content Marketing.” For this reason, the specialist in Content Marketing, RankSider, has consulted with different German professionals and experts, who have offered their opinion on what That Content Marketing means to them, how to evaluate its importance and whether it is the future of SEO or just a hype.

Here are the answers of 6 experts in Online Marketing regarding Content Marketing:

Is Content Marketing the future of SEO or just a hypeMarkus Klötschen, Specialist in Search Engine Marketing in Simyo

For me Content Marketing is not a hype, nor is it the future. Content is an essential part of Marketing. If you have nothing to say, it will be very difficult to develop a Marketing strategy. Those who, in addition to their products, can also provide good information, gain visibility within their target audience and the general audience. A company has to be aware that it is not always about adding new page to the company’s website, but also communicating through other channels such as social networks, the press, or other portals.

Those who think about the future and monitor its management, can determine what measures work for your company. Each company and each audience is different. That is why I recommend not to imitate everything, but to try many things and use what gives us good results.

Hanns Kronenberg, SISTRIX

I would not like to qualify Content Marketing neither as hype nor as the future of SEO. Good content has always been the basis of a successful and lasting editorial. From rock painting, printing, magazines and television, it will continue in the future of web pages.

Google’s shortcomings in differentiating good content from bad have diminished over time and have put an end to the phase where consistently good ranking could be achieved even with poor content. The history of the search engines is very young and the market is still in a stage of change.

Mank, Online Marketing Agency SEOSEO GmbH

The Content Marketing is quite old, and surely has become a subject of great importance at the moment due to the relevance that has for Google Panda to create own content that is attractive to users. Therefore Content Marketing will undoubtedly remain an important topic in the future and will be increasingly connected with SEO. However, this does not mean that on-page SEO can be neglected and from this moment everything should be focused on creating quality content. The balance remains the basis for sustainable optimization.

Björn Tantau, Social Media Director of the Online Marketing Agency TRG, Hamburg

Content Marketing is neither a hype nor represents the future. This is another description of what has been happening for a long time, at least in those Internet publications that have always had good content and because of this get a good ranking today. Presenting interesting content that offers added value has always been the goal of those who publish on the Internet, as these contents are disseminated by users more quickly. This should be the meaning of each offer based on content, and to achieve this you need a good strategy. This strategy could be described as Content Marketing, but this term falls short. Basically, this is the following: “Present your target audience with exceptional content,

Jan Berens, Senior Application Manager at ad-cons, Düsseldorf

“Content is king still.” I think a good Content Marketing strategy is today the basis for any brand. Advertising with banners and price recommendations can be seen by the user everywhere, however the content of value is rather rare. Many successful Content Marketing strategies have proven that there is great potential in this area. A good strategy for me are basically two things: a) A good analysis of the target audience: Only those who compile a good database, prevent their content from disappearing in www-Nirvana. B) The content elaborated professionally: Good images and texts well documented and informative.

Andreas Wander, Director of Business Development at Textbroker:

Content Marketing belongs to the future. At present there are many terms that really mean the same thing. On the one hand, the buzzword or word buzz “Content Marketing” is constantly being embedded within various definitions. On the other hand, this area is developing more and more, that is, some Content Marketing campaigns are more specific, with more precise objectives. Content Marketing continues to be one of the most important components of Online Marketing Mix. In addition, value content, synchronized with the goals that follow, is perhaps the most important weapon against future Google updates