28 September 2016

It is dangerous to rely too heavily on Social Media


There is no doubt that Social Media Marketing is becoming more popular, however, it is necessary to recover the other aspects of the marketing strategy of a company it seems that at this time, it has become a little aside.We should note that social media are not necessarily the answer to all marketing problems, but must cover all plan to succeed.

It is dangerous to rely too heavily on Social MediaSophia Hayes, Director of Marketing and Communication Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), said in this sense that social media works well in an economic downturn as they help to ensure that the company is at the forefront and remain in the minds of the people, especially embracing sites like Facebook or Twitter, also allow businesses to participate directly with their customers and respond to their needs in a flexible way.

However, despite many of its advantages, it is dangerous to rely too much on the Social Media because many people simply do not like to engage with them. “Social media is definitely changing many things, but they are not the answer to everything, but should be one more part of the overall marketing strategy because in reality only few people really want to participate in and engage their real lives with their lives virtual”.

Reviews Hayes come relation to an investigation conducted IAB in the UK, where he found that in that country the population to a quarter of their online time on social networking sites, showing that there is a large audience for marketing through these channels.

This is something that many companies have already adopted, and indeed social advertising increased by 60% the first quarter of this year. However, it has been recommended to all companies follow the advice of Hayes and begin to embrace a mix of marketing channels to ensure a broad and directed network to all potential customers.