19 February 2016

Reproducing the past: adding a repro twist


The distinctive, minimalistic look of the mid-20th century was innovative and refreshing in its time, with designs by names such as Ercole, Arne Jacobsen and Eames still having a strong influence on today’s contemporary style. If you are looking to create a mid-century style for your living space, this does not have to be an expensive project.

Reproducing the past

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A subtle change can make all the difference

If you have decided to go all out and start decorating, choose a mix of blues and greys or yellows and greys to give a more authentic feel for the era. Look for smooth, curved lines in the furniture design when choosing a focal point for your living room; however, giving your room a retro look does not necessarily mean a complete redesign. Even a few well-placed accessories, such as lamp shades, vases, rugs and small occasional tables, can inject a retro twist to your living room, or covering your existing furniture with a retro fabric design will bring the period into focus. The sleek and distinct styles of the 50s often complement today’s modern designs and a single piece can add a point of interest to any room.

In the kitchen, colourful prints on tablecloths, tea towels and tableware are a simple way of bringing the look to life, along with finishing touches such as a retro radio or mid-century-style storage tins. For the bedroom, a wicker rocking chair in the corner and some colourful printed fabric for throws, cushions and curtains can dramatically change the look of the room.

Where to search for the perfect look

Original furniture can, of course, be found at auctions, antiques shops or vintage fairs; however, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to create the look, there is a wide choice of designer reproduction furniture available in high street shops.

Online outlets that specialise in reproduction home design, such as Pash Living, are worth browsing. Many of these offer the complete range inspired by designs of the mid-20th century, including furniture, lighting and accessories for the bedroom, living room, kitchen or office.

Whether it is a faithful reproduction of a classic piece that you are looking for or something contemporary that takes its inspiration from the period, these specialist online outlets can be a gold mine of ideas to help redesign your living space.