12 January 2019

ROI, KPI and SEO: 3 Essential concepts for the Community Manager


It is quite true that at the moment, when we talk about a Community Manager, we do not only refer to the person who manages the contents and conversations in the Facebook or Twitter community.

On the contrary, this new profession that was born with the emergence of social media, has evolved to become an indisputable example of the new leadership indispensable for business management under the new business culture, where the consumer is the one who direct the threads of development.

Skills, talents, qualities, abilities, knowledge, experiences … are variables of indispensable analysis for the hiring of a professional Comunity Manager, who finally, will manage on behalf of our brand the clients (internal and external) achieving the integration of the social effect in the global strategists of our company.

But it is also true that Community Managers are not just a group of people with empathy, knowledge and experience, but also that they must demonstrate their abilities to learn in a constant and uninterrupted way, about the use of new tools or concepts, which are they become indispensable to adapt our brand, at the vertiginous pace with which the consumer changes his mind today.

(ROI = benefits – investment) / investment, if it were so easy!

It is a percentage that is calculated by measuring the investment made. The gains achieved. This formula, which is simple, is one of the main obstacles for brands to enter Social Media. The key is to accept that ROI today is obtained through the measurement of intangible variables such as social action, influence and reputation, which constitute the indirect path towards the growth of our brand.

KPI, planning through current performance

KPIs are vehicles through which communication passes to the rest of the team. They are metrics that must be integrated into any business plan and are used to monitor business activity, that is, to value actions that are difficult to quantify, such as customer satisfaction. As performance indicators, they allow us to obtain necessary information to plan future actions.

And finally the SEO, consistency of the brand

Yes, without the intention of interfering in the work of SEO professionals and always with the eagerness to integrate that requires the analysis of a social and humanized universe, the basic knowledge inherent in SEO must be managed and used by all professional Community Manager.

This knowledge will allow you to develop strategies to satisfy consumers in networks, innovate in new lines for content marketing and fully identify those concepts by which your brand is positioned, thus achieving a consistent message, a brand with one voice.

It is evident that the knowledge and management of the 3 previous concepts, is the only way to brand-client loyalty and, therefore, they are indispensable variables for any Community Manager. We must be socially efficient, transforming these actions into growth for our brand!