15 July 2016

The 10 commandments that you must meet to win a Millennial


When we talk about Millennials we speak of individuals of a new generation, a generation that is revolutionizing customer contact within the traditionalist marketing.

There are currents that say they are born after 2000, there are others who say they were born between 1981 and 1995, and are thus called because they have older entering the new millennium. The reality is that the term speaks of young people with very specific characteristics, young people are not comparable to previous generations, they are passionate in every way, because they feel passion for “living” in the largest sense of the word, they want be happy always, under any condition and in any state.

A Millennial is passionate about technology, not only the experience, but born knowing her, it is her friend and nothing separates him from it. They need to feel useful and valued, of not being in a place where they feel that way, migrate without more, leave everything and follow their dream. That said, and providing a framework profile referred to, it is necessary to explain that if a brand wants to conquer, must comply with the Ten Commandments Millennial without exception:

  1. Your marketing strategy should be segmented by niche, especially because within the Millennials are very marked niches that share the same generation. Is the amount that investigate, to know them in its most intimate detail, but your investment will be in vain.
  2. Your brand should be on the latest trends in technology use .The identify fully with the technological environment will be essential, your tools should revolve around this item “technology”.
  3. Your Community Manager should be trained, so that a champion Formula One sees “slow” before him. The immediacy and empathy in social networks is a dogma for Millennials.
  4. The appearance is important, the look & feel of the whole environment that manages your brand should be modern, technological and artistic oriented, clean and friendly definitions.If the Millennial should wait a second longer to achieve understanding or proceed within the digital environment, you will leave.
  5. Generate a unique experience, although it sounds trite in marketing, you need to always deliver “that” they are waiting, is what will be vital to retain and vital to recommend you.
  6. The “quality” is the trigger, Millennials do not choose for the price, but for identification and quality. If you can internalize this concept, you have a battle.
  7. The “personification” makes them important, they need to feel unique, and that kind of differentiation, in all the communication tools you use will make you prey to their desires.
  8. The Millennial is an entrepreneur by nature, your brand must have internalized that concept, they dream of their “freedom” in every sense, and the concept that your brand should emanate is that spirit of liberty but who identify cost.
  9. That nothing goes wrong, that a “duty” within your loyalty schemes, if you throw something, you cannot fail, it must be more than proven and generate synergy with other tools you use.
  10. Peripheral concepts, the millennial care is a champion of ecology, a passion for life in peace and an ardent devotee of fraternity, your life is surrounded by these concepts as satellites to the planet.

If you can plan Based on the 10 commandments, you will achieve the magic happen, you’ll see how the concepts and aspirations are identified in each niche and you will achieve the dream empathy, the stipulated sales, but above all, you will achieve conquistador improperly raised children markets current. Draw your digital marketing strategies and your niche in personalized identification, and you have the perfect cocktail, conquering the most difficult, the Millennial still misunderstood.