19 January 2018

The gift of knowing how to adapt to the new times: Starbucks and its evolution 2.0


New blinds, clad facades and change faucets. Small arrangements that over the years all our houses, emblematic buildings, institutions and companies need to give a good image and continue to be that warm place where we spend much of our time.

The reforms are made progressively and the same space is asking for them. A cracked wall, a broken tile … many times they are small details with easy solution. The problem gets worse when we put aside those small needs. That’s when that cracked wall falls and the reform becomes bigger.

In the same way that we take care of tangible values, we also have to control the appearance and values ​​of our brand. Just as in the buildings more innovative materials are used, a brand has to be dressed with the necessary supports of the new digital era.

A web In the year 2000 an added value, in 2012 an obligation

If we go up once more in the time machine, in the year 2000 having a website was something exceptional and something exclusive for large companies. It was unthinkable that a SME had a 2.0 platform.

Year 2012. A web page And what else?

A large percentage of companies have a website and the question is, is a website working alone? A house needs curtains. A website needs sections fed with useful and interesting content for a demanding user and with little time.

What was the starbucks website like in 2001?

This website is out of fashion! That would be our reaction if in 2012 the well-known brand maintained this brand image online but years ago it was a giant’s step.

How was your website in 2008?

The difference is appreciable. An aesthetic more adapted to the colors of coffee. An attractive image for the consumer and, above all, the horizontal information sections. Symbol of innovation of the time.

How is your website in 2012?

The image gives way to an experiential marketing video where the person interacts with the brand. The website has added its icons to social networks, it can share all the information, it has a corporate blog and a section of its product news. Its menu is sharper and more segmented. The website offers sections that add value to the brand such as social responsibility and seeks a participatory user who is part of the community. A study of keywords and positioning will have helped to achieve the good result. We believe that this is the way to go.

Starbucks has been able to reform its house to provide users with a pleasant 2.0 experience. As we have observed, the change has not been from one day to the next. He has been able to paint his walls in time and change the broken sconces. Do you think that if I kept the 2001 website I would have the same reputation? Possibly not.

BrandChats professionals   once again emphasize the importance of a good brand image. Not only on the website but also on all communication channels.