18 January 2018

What do we want to be in Social Networks for?


More often than we would like, we find people who seek to implement online marketing strategies to get more followers or more fans. We also find people whose goal to be in Social Media is simply that, be present in social networks as an argument or excuse to call themselves companies, without knowing very well what that means.

As we have said many times, companies, whatever their size, can achieve very important benefits by implementing these types of strategies and having a presence in social media, but for this it is necessary to draw some guidelines for action and set some objectives, yes, as realistic as possible.

It is not valid to say that we want to be in Social Networks because “everyone is on Facebook, so I am”. The first thing we need is to think and study well what we want to achieve and if using social channels we can achieve what we propose.

Social Media is one more way to get to a point we set. We use social platforms and blogs or forums, we talk to people in our environment, but that is not the goal. The purpose is different for each one, whether it is achieving more sales of our product, creating a brand or a community, or simply creating a bidirectional channel to serve our audience more effectively, and all this can be achieved using Social Media.

It is the tool to achieve an end. That we must have clear.

Social Media can be conceived as a communication channel through which we can reach our audience directly, a way to create relationships with our most direct, sincere and highest quality users. Unhindered. And we must bear in mind that communication is the basis of any relationship we establish with another person, which allows us to trust in us.

We can achieve greater engagement, a better brand image, spread our message with more force, that allows Social Media.

It is a great amplifier for our message. But it is not an objective in itself. What do we want to be in Social Networks, what do we intend to achieve with our presence in this medium?

That is the main question we must answer before making the jump, and if our answer is “to be”, we will not be understanding what this is, since using them means using a powerful vehicle to take us somewhere.