22 July 2020

What does a facilities manager’s job entail?


A facility manager is tasked with making sure a commercial property and the services it provides are up to standard and meet the needs of those employed within it. They are responsible for activities like maintenance, cleaning, repair and security. Their job remit might also include taking care of property maintenance, repairing air systems, such as air conditioning or heating and fixing toilet facilities to maintain a comfortable working environment for the staff.

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What this work involves depends on the type of companies that require facilities management. However, the tasks will usually include the management of any renovation, remodelling and relocation of the office to make sure all goes smoothly and according to plan. Facilities managers may need to call on Office Removals London to help complete a relocation. Find out more about Office Removals London at a site like Pegler’s. This position is very broad in range and is often outsourced.

Facility managers are tasked with critical maintenance so that the properties comply with health and safety regulations and legal requirements. They might be in charge of sanitation, parking, hygiene, catering facilities and building security, as well as budget management and record keeping.

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Facility managers are also responsible for managing the office system, which can often include IT and office equipment. Sometimes an individual who works in this role will be employed by an external company, contracted to manage multiple different business sites. The official title can vary as well and it could be a manager of business services, support services or contract manager.