31 March 2021

What Is PPE?

By ruiiid5

What exactly is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment is a type of protective clothing usually worn for specific jobs or health protection. It is intended to be worn in hazardous conditions where the worker’s health and safety are at risk. It is often used by first responders, police officers, and other personnel whose work entails direct contact with bodily fluids or hazardous materials. The hazards addressed by such protective clothing include physical, chemical, heat, biohazards, and flying particulate matter. PPE is worn in labs when workers are dealing with viruses, bacteria or dangerous chemicals, for example. For details on Lab Relocation Services, visit A Port Global

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PPE is usually worn over an individual’s clothing during the time that he or she is working. The clothing includes long-sleeved jumpsuits, goggles, face masks and disposable gloves. This protects the worker’s clothing from spillages, splashes, and burns. The sleeves and trousers should be sealed so nothing can get through, particularly in the case of dealing with hazardous substances.


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It is important for employers to provide their workers with the right kind of safety equipment. Without it, workers may be exposed to injury or disease at a workplace. Before you let your employees take any PPE, make sure you know its purpose and how it can contribute to the safety of your company or your working environment.