6 July 2017

Why does your company need to hire a Social Media agency?


The belief that social networks are free fortunately has already lost credibility. The brands have already realized that they need to develop an effective presence in Social Media, and for this it is not enough to practice the policy of Juan Palomo, nor is it enough with the invaluable help of that cousin that we all have. 

Why does your company need to hire a Social Media agencyThe objective of any company in Social Media must go beyond being to be, and for this it becomes necessary to have the support of authentic professionals in the matter. In case you have any doubts, these are the main reasons why you need to hire a Social Media agency:

It allows you to develop an active presence in social networks. You need to take care of your company’s online reputation, As well as increase the relevance of your brand in social networks. For this, it is essential to have a know-how, which allows putting into practice the strategy most appropriate to the objectives that you intend to achieve. 

You can count on an effective content strategy. According to the latest WCC report in collaboration with MarketinProfs, “B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, budgets and trends”, only 1 in 3 companies considers their content marketing strategy to be effective. 56% of the companies have already outsourced this service, a practice that will be consolidated during the next year; Following the data provided by Custom Content Council.

Com / news / new-survey-shows-continued-growth-content-spending) Your company will be able to offer a professional response to users. The Customer Barometer published by American Express shows that 17% of respondents have turned to social networks as a channel for customer service in 2012. Increasingly, there is a need for adequate means to provide a rapid response And effective to consumers, through social channels.

You will optimize the investment in Social Media. Social networks are also a sales tool. The Social Engagement Index of Spredfast shows that the brands registered approximately 2 million interactions through social networks in each quarter of the year. As an example of convertibility, Digital Buzz reported that 1 in 3 marketers got leads thanks to Twitter. 

All this contributes to improving the online reputation of the brand. In this way you will develop your online presence, approach your target audience, offer you quality content and be in a position to respond whenever they claim your presence. Do you need more reasons?